Amore Pacific uses Axis network cameras for round-the-clock security

High-resolution Axis network cameras enable monitoring of the laboratory, logistics building, and entire base

“We implemented an effective video surveillance system by integrating the Axis network cameras with the Siemens system. Amore Pacific is now always ready to respond to potential incidents and accidents while protecting the operations of the base and plant. Consequently, we have exceeded our targets in production and sales, and solidified our foundation for transforming Amore Pacific into a global corporation.“ Amore Pacific.


Amore Pacific Osan Integrated SCM (Supply Chain Management) Base is a large-scale plant built in July 2011 with the goal of becoming one of the ‘Top 10 Cosmetics Companies in 2015, with sales of KRW5 trillion’ and effectively coping with an ever-expanding global business. Osan Integrated SCM Base is a huge plant: the lot size is 224,400m2 with a building area of 89,009m2 housing environment-friendly production, logistics, and loading facilities. In addition, this world-class facility manufactures 15,000 tons annually and ships 60,000 boxes daily. Immediately after its completion, for efficient maintenance and management of this large integrated base, it was necessary to monitor the logistics and technology inside the plant and laboratory, control visitors and be alert for intruders.


It is not easy to effectively monitor this large facility and closely restrict access. In addition, as the plant is divided into several quarters, i.e. the main building, the design building, the logistics building and the research building, it required a solution that would be capable of simultaneously monitoring the entire plant and individual quarters. The need to monitor the real-time status of the plant, work situations and outsiders and to protect products and research technology was of the highest priority. To resolve this issue, Amore Pacific adopted the Siveillance Fusion system from Siemens for the purpose of monitoring key locations and managing access to the facility, and introduced an Axis network camera solution to effectively monitor a wide area and reduce costs.


The Amore Pacific SCM Base in Gyeonggi Province installed AXIS 233D, AXIS P1311 and AXIS 216FD Network Cameras to implement a system capable of realtime monitoring and efficient access control of the entire facility. The solution with the PoE (Power of Ethernet) function transmits high-resolution images and enabled simultaneous power supply via the network cable, thereby ensuring convenient installation and reduced costs.

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