Axis sells Canon products

Applies to Europe, Middle East, Africa, USA and Canada

In these markets Axis has the responsibility for the marketing, sales and technical service of Canon’s network video products. This was effective in EMEA from September 1, 2016 and in USA and Canada from October 1, 2016. Axis serves as a single point of contact for both Axis and Canon network video products and solutions, and Axis continues to serve Canon customers.

Sales information

  • If you are a current Canon customer in EMEA, USA or Canada, 
    or a new customer interested in buying Canon network video products, please contact an Axis authorized partner. Axis will sell Canon network cameras through its existing partner network. Find your closest partner.
  • If you are a current Axis partner in EMEA, USA or Canada, 
    and are interested in selling Canon network video products, Axis will be able to sell Canon network cameras to you under your existing agreement. Please contact your local Axis representative.
  • If you are a current Canon partner in EMEA, USA or Canada, 
    please contact an Axis representative in your region. You and Axis may decide to enter into an agreement for the sale of Canon network cameras.

Product information

Canon network cameras will remain under the Canon brand. Axis will manage sales, marketing and service operations for Canon products in EMEA, USA and Canada. For product information and datasheets please visit:

Axis continues to serve Canon customers.

Support information

Axis’ technical support engineers assists you with your Canon products, wherever you are and whenever you need it.