Partners in protection

Concern about cyber crime via IP camera networks is real. And there’s no magic bullet – no single solution for staying safe.

Effective cyber security is about assessing risks and consequences and taking appropriate steps. It’s about products, people, technology and ongoing processes. And about partnering with a supplier that’s prepared to support you at every level. Which is where Axis enters the picture.

We have 100% focus on cyber security, and we’re doing everything in our power to mitigate its risks. We have strict requirements for our own products and we’re working diligently with our partners – and you – to fight this threat.

Which are your concerns about cybersecurity?

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Three layers of protection

Like all effective security, cyber security is about the depth of your defense. It’s about appropriately protecting your IP camera network at every level – from the products you choose and the partners you work with to the requirements they – and you – set. We deliver three layers of cyber protection:

Security management

Find out how we make sure you can apply appropriate security controls according to the threats you face and your level of risk.

Vulnerability management

See how best practices in design and development, transparency around vulnerabilities and timely response help protect you.

Learning and collaboration

Learn how we collaborate with our partners and discover practical tools. They’ll help you understand the threats you face and how to counter them.

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