AXIS Radar Autotracking for PTZ

Automatic object tracking for pan, tilt, zoom cameras

  • Quick and easy setup for automatic object tracking
  • Intuitive user interface    
  • Configure where and when tracking should be active


AXIS Radar Autotracking for PTZ is designed to automatically control the direction and zoom-level of one or many pan, tilt, zoom cameras for optimized camera views. The application uses motion data from Axis security radars to find objects of interest on the site. Compatible with AXIS Q60, AXIS Q61, AXIS Q62, AXIS Q86, and AXIS Q87 Network Cameras, AXIS Radar Autotracking for PTZ provides automatic, visual confirmation of detected objects even for objects out of the cameras current view. AXIS Radar Autotracking for PTZ hence minimizes the need for manual PTZ control of the cameras, such as joystick control. 

Smart and easy configuration

AXIS Radar Autotracking for PTZ adds functionality to AXIS D2110-VE Security Radar and allows for quick and easy calibration of reference map as well as placement of PTZ cameras. The intuitive interface enables the grouping of multiple cameras to one Axis security radar, making it possible for the cameras to cooperate. AXIS Radar Autotracking for PTZ is a Windows service, typically installed on your VMS server.

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