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We provide our partners with tools and documentation to facilitate smooth integration between their VMS and/or EMS and our body worn system. In fact, they get the exact same tools and documentation that we use ourselves to integrate our own VMS and EMS with our body worn system.

To ensure the high-quality aspect and smooth integration of partner systems, Axis will with thorough guides and help material both help partners on how to test our devices, our device software and APIs. And of course, if needed, our support is there to help throughout the whole integration development.

Partner solutions are particularly relevant if you want to extend a current video surveillance installation and you are already using a partner system or have specific requirements. No matter which EMS or VMS you’re currently using, it’s highly likely there’s already a partner integration of that system – so you’ll be able to simply plug our body worn system right in. And when you choose a system from one of our partners, you pay license fees only for that software system only – there are no license fees for any other software payed to Axis.  And that’s what we see as a true Axis integration.

Read more about AXIS Optimizer Body Worn Extension that enables a seamless integration between the Axis body worn system and Milestone XProtect®. Or explore the integration possibilities with Genetec Security Center and Genetec Clearance.

Creating an integration with the Axis body worn system

In order to help partners, build a strong integration with Axis body worn system, we have developed API’s, training material, code examples and important information about things partners should consider when designing an integration with Axis body worn system. The Body worn integration API is modelled on top of the OpenStack Swift API and is designed to be easy to use. If you have experience from other object storage API’s such as AWS S3 or Azure Blob Storage you will most likely find this straight forward.

The first step is to familiarize with the base technology behind Axis body worn system, by taking the Academy course “Get to know Axis body worn solution”.

As a second step we recommend going through the introduction and step by step guide available on Axis Developer Community and the Axis partner web (available to members of Axis Technology Integration Partner Program). Before starting the actual integration work and after having read introductions and looked at the exercises you can find the API here Axis body worn integration API .