Autotracking detects movement in the camera's field of view and will follow the motion, e.g. a person or vehicle, until it disappears from the monitored area.

Electronic image stabilization (EIS)

“Shaken not blurred”- Cameras mounted on high poles or near busy roads can be shaken by winds or passing traffic, and images are often blurry and troublesome to view. EIS effectively minimizes the effects from vibration and shaking to give you reliable images and cost-effective installation.

Orientation aid

Orientation aid enables dynamic text overlays with street names and a compass symbol for quick orientation so that the operator can easily navigate in the displayed image.


The zoom goes from wide to full telebased in 1 sec. when the operator needs to take a closer look on an object, Quick-zoom makes this happen in seconds.

Speed dry

Sharpdome technology features speed dry, which ensures clarity in rainy weather and supports efficient, high-pressure cleaning by removing the water drops from the dome.

Directional audio detection (DAD)

Directional audio detection is triggered by audio incidents and redirects the PTZ camera to the audio source.