AXIS Store Reporter

Dynamic interface for understanding data


  • Web-based tool
  • View statistics and graphical representations
  • Highly customizable reports
  • Supports system-health notification
  • Export reports and findings to PDF and Excel®


AXIS Store Reporter provides an easy and cost-effective way to analyze your data and measure performance to help you find actionable insights and identify ways to improve your business operations. This web-based tool gathers data from supported Axis applications and is ideal for multi-camera and multi-site installations. It provides an overview of statistics and graphical representations from different locations and camera units with different embedded applications in one central place.


Actionable insight

Featuring a dynamic dashboard, AXIS Store Reporter provides valuable information that helps you gain an understanding of your visitors and their behavior patterns. This user-friendly tool can provide you with statistics such as visitor traffic, queue lengths and occupancy levels over time. This useful insight can help you analyze performance and make informed decisions to improve staff planning, operating hours and operational efficiency. It can also help support business cases for resource and expenditure budgets. And what’s more, you can access the data from any platform, including desktops, tablets and smartphones using any operating system.

Customized reports

AXIS Store Reporter is designed to give you full control of your data. The dynamic dashboard shows KPIs and charts of your choice and lets you filter, group, compare and drill-down data from multiple sites for specified time periods. It can also integrate weather data, allowing you to analyze the impact of weather conditions on your visitor trends. All reports, including the dashboard itself, are exportable to formats such as PDF and Excel®, allowing you to instantly share valuable insights via email. Furthermore, the tool includes the AXIS Store Data Manager application which can monitor camera connections and send email alerts if there are problems retrieving data.


One AXIS Store Reporter license is required per channel of data stream. AXIS Store Reporter Subscription 2021, with the article number 02283-001, is valid from December 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021. This subscription service replaces the previous one with the article number 01998-001, which is valid until December 31, 2020. During December 2020, licenses for both article numbers are valid. For more information on how to renew an existing AXIS Store Reporter subscription license to AXIS Store Reporter 2021, please click here.

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AXIS Store Reporter
License Part number
E-license  02283-001

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