AXIS Guard Suite

Analytics for detecting motion, intrusion and loitering

  • Intelligent security applications

  • Value for money

  • Quick and simple setup



AXIS Guard Suite encompasses separate license-free analytics that provide motion, intrusion and loitering detection for your network video products. They detect threats and alert security staff – so guards can take action when it's really needed. The analytics are ideal for non-critical, low-traffic areas such as during after hours at schools and office, retail and industrial sites. You can download the applications for free and use them in Axis network video products running firmware 7.x or higher.


Effective and efficient

AXIS Guard Suite applications allow your guard to focus on real problems and take action right when it’s needed. Intelligent algorithms and filters help reduce false alarms. And because you can set your network video product to record only in response to alarms, AXIS Guard Suite analytics reduce storage and bandwidth requirements, and make it faster and easier for you to search recordings for particular events.

Easy configuration. Extra flexibility

AXIS Guard Suite applications are also easy to set up and configure. They support multiple profiles, so you can have different trigger settings for different areas or times of day. And support for event management means you can decide how you want the system to respond to security events – for example by sending email notifications, streaming video to a video management system, recording to edge storage, or activating a loudspeaker. 

On a number of Axis video products, AXIS Guard Suite analytics support alarm overlays that help you easily determine the object that is triggering the alarms. Taking the form of red bounding boxes around alarm-triggering objects, the overlays can be used on one selected video resolution and are permanently burnt in into any live or recorded video using that resolution.