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  • Standardized communication platform for IP-based physical security products
  • For interoperability of products regardless of brand

ONVIF is a global industry forum that provides and promotes standardized interfaces for effective interoperability of IP-based physical security products.

As one of the founders of ONVIF in 2008, Axis continues to take an active role in its development.

Many Axis products are ONVIF conformant. This means that they can be easily integrated into IP-based systems that use products from different vendors, enabling consultants, system integrators and end users to easily design and build best-of-breed surveillance systems.

ONVIF Profiles

ONVIF conformant products must conform to at least one ONVIF profile. An ONVIF profile, which involves a set of specifications, defines the interoperable features that are supported by a conformant client (e.g. video management software) and device (e.g. a network camera or video encoder).

The six ONVIF profiles that Axis products may support are:

Profile A

For broader access control configuration

Profile A is for products used in an electronic access control system. Conformant products support the granting and revoking of employee credentials, the creation and update of schedules, and assignment of access rules. They also support standardized access control events.

Profile C

For IP-based access control systems

ONVIF Profile C conformant devices and clients support site information, door access control, and event and alarm management.

Profile G

For edge storage and recording

Clients and devices that conform to ONVIF Profile G support the configuration, search, playback and retrieval of recordings on onboard/network-attached storage. Axis products with firmware 6.30 or higher will support Profile G.

Profile M

For metadata from analytics applications

Profile M supports a standardized metadata stream for communicating analytics data, events and PTZ position. It offers interfaces for generic object classification and specified metadata like vehicle and human body. Many Axis products with firmware 10.6 or higher will support Profile M, enabling conformant video management software to use metadata to trigger automatic responses, and effectively store and search for video content of interest.

Profile S

For streaming video

ONVIF Profile S allows a conformant client to configure, request and control the streaming of video data over an IP network from a conformant device. ONVIF Profile S also includes support for PTZ control, receiving audio and metadata stream and relay outputs if those features are supported by the client. The majority of Axis products support ONVIF Profile S.

Profile T

For advanced video streaming

Profile T supports video streaming features such as the use of H.264 and H.265 encoding formats, imaging settings, and events such as motion and tampering detection. Mandatory features for devices also include onscreen display and metadata streaming. Profile T also covers ONVIF specifications for HTTPS streaming, PTZ configuration, motion region configuration, digital inputs and relay outputs, and bidirectional audio for conformant devices and clients that support such features. Most Axis products with firmware 8.50 or higher will support Profile T.

If an Axis product is ONVIF conformant, the product datasheet will list the supported ONVIF profiles. For an up-to-date list of all Axis products that are ONVIF conformant, please go to onvif.org.

ONVIF is a registered trademark of ONVIF, Inc.