AXIS T94Q01F Ceiling-and-Column Mount

For many installation scenarios

  • For outdoors and indoors – ceilings, columns and parapets
  • Easy installation and camera maintenance
  • Sturdy and safe - keeps the camera steady year after year
  • Resistant to corrosion


For any surfaces

AXIS T94Q01F Ceiling-and-Column Mount is made in powder-coated aluminum. It is suitable for both ceiling or soffit and column or parapet installations. This allows Axis’ fixed camera housings to be mounted under hard surfaces such as ceilings, beams, soffits and canopies. The versatile design of AXIS T94Q01F also allows to be mounted on pole or column tops, parapets and other horizontal building structures. 

Smart design. Protection guaranteed.

The swivel arm features an easy re-direction of the camera and its maintenance is made a lot easier. The mount applies to NEMA 4X ratings for protection against windblown dust, salt spray, rain, hose-directed water, and damage from external ice formation. It is also compliant to IK10 rating for protection against impact and vandal acts. The cable is routed through the pipe, and is never exposed to weather or potential vandalism. If you are looking for even more protection, cable conduits and Axis’ conduit adapters – with 3/4” dimension – can be used for cable protection when routed from the side.


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