Course description

This instructor-led training provides a comprehensive understanding of Axis body worn solutions. Learn about all the software and hardware components involved, the multiple use cases for body worn cameras and AXIS Body Worn Live, as well as the procedures for daily use of body worn cameras. 

Practical information

Format: Instructor-led training
Length: Half a day
Language: English

Course Outline

1. Axis body worn solution
Overview of the purposes and use cases of body worn cameras, the solution components involved, security measures, robustness, and the unique benefits Axis offers

2. Axis body worn cameras
The daily use of these cameras, their capabilities, and image quality, as well as the available sensors and accessories

3. AXIS Body Worn Live
Understanding the use cases for AXIS Body Worn Live, our cloud service that enables streaming of live video, audio, and metadata from Axis body worn cameras in real-time, as well as use cases for daily use of the tool

4. System management
Introduction to AXIS W800 System Controller, AXIS Body Worn Manager, video and evidence management software, and what to consider when planning your system

Course Objectives

After completing the course, participants should:

be familiar with:

  • typical use cases for body worn cameras and live streaming
  • the steps to set up a body worn system
  • different software options for managing recordings


  • all the system components, hardware, and software involved
  • the camera inputs and outputs (I/Os), as well as the camera capabilities, robustness, and image quality

be able to:

  • explain the role of the different components in the daily workflow
  • analyse the body worn solution components tailored to specific requirements

Who should attend

Anyone who is interested in learning about Axis body worn solutions.


To get the most out of the training, we recommend that you take the online course Get to know Axis body worn solutions before attending this course.