Course description

Designing a security system is difficult and time-consuming. As a manufacturer we are very aware of this. For that reason, we try to provide optimal support by making a tool available that helps you to quickly and adequately come to a solid design. 
During this webinar we will demonstrate Axis Site Designer, a free "all-in-one" tool that can be used to design a complete security system.  We will pay extensive attention to the latest functionalities.

Course objectives

Topics covered include:

  • Creating a new projection
  • Creating (recording) scenarios
  • Adding cameras to floor plans and determining the angles of view
  • Product selection and product comparison
  • accessory selection
  • Storage selection and Zipstream configuration
  • Bandwidth and storage reporting
  • Budget reporting, bill of materials, installation reporting, system overview reporting
  • Export of the design
  • New functionalities and roadmap


Duration: approx. 45 minutes


Erik Baeten, A&E Manager, Axis Communications