The Power of ONE - The Axis End to End Solution


Join us in our online event to learn more about the Axis End to End Solution. 

On 1st June, we will be hosting an online event to delve deeper into The Power of ONE - The Axis End to End Solution. Throughout this online event, you will have access useful links and resources that our team of subject experts have selected specifically for you and you can take the opportunity to ask them any questions you may have. 

This one hour online event will cover the following topics:

Event Agenda:

  • Welcome & Introduction 
  • One Vendor | Peter Currie
  • One License, One Solution | David Needham
  • One Point of Support | Dennis Montalvo Barthelemy
  • One Design Tool | Hamaad Deen
  • Q&A | Peter Currie, David Needham and Hamaad Deen