Course description

This course will teach you basic on radar technology, perimeter protection, what to consider when designing a perimeter protection system, as well as the pros and cons of thermal cameras vs. optical cameras in the perimeter. Through demos and exercises, you will learn about security radars and applicable radar technology, how to use the analytics apps AXIS Perimeter Defender for intrusion detection along with the add-on AXIS Perimeter Defender PTZ Autotracking.

Practical information

Format: Instructor-led classroom
Length: 1 Day
Language: English
Location: Bucharest, Romania

Course outline

. Perimeter Intrusion Detection with AXIS Perimeter Defender

Introduction to perimeter surveillance, Axis perimeter solutions, and the analytic AXIS Perimeter Defender together with the add-on AXIS Perimeter Defender PTZ Autotracking.

2. AXIS Perimeter Defender Design Tool

How the design tool can help you with site planning and documentation when it comes to perimeter surveillance.

3. AXIS Perimeter Defender Installation and Setup

How to install, configure, and use the analytic AXIS Perimeter Defender together with the add-on AXIS Perimeter Defender PTZ Autotracking.

4. What is a radar and why use it?

Learn the basics about security radars and get an introduction to applicable radar technology.

5. Axis radars

Get an introduction to Axis radars and their main capabilities.

6. Use cases

Work with a number of real-life use cases, and learn about radar implementations from a system integration point of view. Throughout this session, you will build an understanding of how radars can be used to address surveillance challenges in different settings. In every case, you’ll find exercises focusing on different ways to meet surveillance goals as well as hardware setup and software configuration.


To see all occasions for this course please go to the calendar in LMS or contact directly Bogdan Gavril (, Silviu Andrei Roman ( or Andrei Gavriliu (

Course objective

After completing the course, participants will be familiar with

• The basics of camera placement and site survey

• AXIS Perimeter Defender Design tool

• How radars can be used in different scenarios

• The limitations and challenges of radars

• Different scenarios for AXIS Perimeter Defender and AXIS Perimeter Defender PTZ Autotracking

• Integrated solutions (applications)


• How to install, configure, and calibrate AXIS Perimeter Defender and Perimeter Defender PTZ Autotracking

• The difference between thermal and optical cameras VMS integration

• the capabilities of radars

• the basic principles of operation

• the benefits of using radars as stand-alone system components vs. as integrated system components

Be able to:

• set up and configure an Axis radar for stand-alone operation

• set up and configure AXIS Radar Autotracking for PTZ


To get the most out of the course, you need to understand the fundamentals of network video. We recommend that you take the course Network Video Fundamentals prior to attending this course and also the online course AXIS Perimeter Defender.

Who should attend?

System integrators and installers in the network video surveillance industry

Information about the trainer

Bogdan Gavril (
Trainer and A&E Lead

Silviu Andrei Roman (
Sales Engineer

Andrei Gavriliu (
Sales Engineer