Chimneys in a power plant, with smoke against the pink and purple sunset

Critical infrastructure

Always protected

Integrated protection for security, operations and safety

Intrusion, interruption, injury. These are the main threats to productivity, profitability, and employee welfare across your site. Axis critical infrastructure solutions enable you to address all three comprehensively and cost-effectively, with a single integrated system.

From information to insight

Information without insight is of limited value. Our solutions include advanced analytics that help you process and understand the data and images you capture. The insights they deliver support better decision making and more efficient responses, thereby significantly reducing your alarm handling costs.

Smart, future-proof, flexible

Our smart, open, IP-based surveillance systems are designed so all the different parts can communicate with one another. They are future-proof, scalable and easy to integrate with other systems. And, crucially for you, they enable monitoring of multiple sites remotely, from a single control room.

Critical infrastructure solutions

Download our e-book to learn more about the advantages of IP-based surveillance for critical infrastructure. Discover how a single, smart video surveillance system can go far beyond physical security and address all the key aspects of critical infrastructure protection.

Secure your critical operations

Secure your critical operations from production to consumption. Download our brochure to discover how you can create a more secure site, uninterrupted operations and a safer workforce - in every step of your supply chain.​

Cyber security focus

Is the threat real?

Axis surveillance solutions complement your industrial control systems by providing crisp, clear footage that put operators virtually on the spot. They help you determine the severity of an actual incident, and whether or not the alert is genuine, or the result of a system hack. And they can do all this from a control room in a remote location.

Full focus on security

The possibility of cybercrime via your IP surveillance network is, however, a serious concern. For this reason, Axis has 100% focus. We also work diligently with our partners and end users to fight the threat, it is a shared responsibility.

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