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Keep pace with change, prepare for the future.

In recent years, financial institutions have undergone transformational change in the face of numerous new challenges. The digitalization of offerings and services, changing customer behavior and increased competition from non-traditional banking organizations and fintech challengers has meant that costs are being scrutinized (and go to market models are being reconsidered). While bank branches are costly to maintain, they are also valuable points of interaction between the bank and its customers, both adding value to the customer experience, and allowing the bank to deliver increased revenue through financial service sales. In assessing their entire offering – online and offline – banks are being forced to adapt to change and prepare for the future.

Understanding bank branch performance

Axis solutions for banks and financial institutions helps you to understand and improve branch performance with help of people counting, and queue length/occupancy video analytics. Not only can you improve branch performance based on data, but also enhance customer experience.

Collect and analyze information and get a deeper understanding of your operations and your customers in your retail branch. As a result, you can protect your customers, staff, and assets, while at the same time controlling costs and improving the retail bank experience.

Branch transformation

Some would have you believe that the bank branch is dying out but, to coin a phrase, reports of their death have been greatly exaggerated. What is evident, however, is that the nature of the bank branch is transforming.
While the fundamentals of retail banking will remain – lending money, taking deposits, earning interest – banks will need to be able to differentiate themselves through exemplary customer service.

Video data analytics is a logical and valuable extension to the investment already made in video surveillance and can play a key role in defining the best bank branch experience for today and tomorrow.

Enhance the customer experience

There’s no question that a positive customer experience is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to the success of banking. Together with our software partners we are able to offer a range of intelligent video applications for our cameras that includes.

  • People counting

  • Queue management

  • Face recognition / mood detection

  • Audio – background music

3 reasons why Audio is a smart choice

  • Creates ambiance with great-sounding background music that can help during times when customers are waiting to be assisted.

  • Improves security at e.g. ATMs with event-triggered announcements and direct callouts.

  • Provides the ability to define different audio zones in each location and manage remotely multiple locations at any time.

Evolving bank security

Technology seems to evolve at a faster pace every day. And with every new step financial institutions take – from adding more ATMs and self-service stations to enabling mobile banking – criminals try new ways to circumvent security measures.

Advantages with IP cameras

Are you looking for a superior video surveillance, access control or an audio solution? Do you want to be able to integrate all three in an exceptional solution? Network devices from Axis open up endless possibilities that analog devices simply can’t provide. And not only will they do more for you, they can also save you money.