A white data center server room

Data centers

Keeping your data safe

Containing the very heart and brains of your operations, data centers are a constant target for both virtual and physical intrusion. We understand that the need for reliable and compliant surveillance and security systems is of utmost importance when it comes to protect the data, and have a long history of delivering surveillance solutions to data centers all over the world.

With Axis’ leading network video solutions, you can obtain several benefits vital to your business;

  • Increased security and safety
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Minimize your bandwidth and storage consumption
  • Reduce your environmental impact

Flexibility without compromising security

– video surveillance for data centers.

Security from the perimeter to the core

Axis solution for perimeter protection: Detect, verify, act - see how it works!

Choosing Axis, you benefit from the market’s broadest range of network video solutions which will ensure optimized solutions for the different areas in the data center such as

  • Perimeter
  • Building
  • Reception
  • Control room
  • Server hall
  • Cabinet

Independent of situation and lightning conditions, Axis’ HDTV network camera solutions will give you crystal clear images with sharp details. Together with our partners, we can offer network cameras even integrated in the cabinet – adding value into the very core.