A white data center server room

Data centers

Protecting the heart of your network

Data centers have always been important, but with the growth of cloud services, virtualization, and hyperscale computing, many organizations now depend on them for day-to-day business operations. Axis integrated video and audio solutions provide multi-layered security to protect these vital assets, from your sites’ perimeter through to your server racks. We deliver secure, comprehensive data center surveillance that lets you monitor your premises with fewer manned patrols. Edge analytics take Axis hardware to a higher level, helping you to efficiently detect and resolve incidents in all areas of your data centers.

A multi-layered approach to integrated security

An integrated security system from Axis lets you add layers of protection to safeguard your data centers. It can include IP cameras that guard the perimeter and interior of your site, radar technology to detect suspicious movement on your premises, network door stations that control access to specific areas and rooms, two-way loudspeakers to address potential intruders, and video management software to oversee and control everything from a central hub. With this approach, threats are detected and neutralized at an early stage, and registered visitors can enter parts of the facility only in accordance with their clearance level.

Data is king - Five layers of defense to guard your key assets

Perimeter protection

Detect and verify potential intruders at your perimeter in real time. With thermal or visual cameras, drone detection, and radar technology, you can identify trespassers and assess the level of threat. Smart analytics trigger warnings and alert your staff, who can then use network video to evaluate the situation and take action – loudspeakers can be useful for scaring off intruders. It is an efficient and reliable complement to manned patrols, that reduces the time wasted on false alarms. Read more.




Detect any unwanted activity and track people or objects across multiple sites using radar systems. You can identify people across wide areas using pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras to observe specific areas of interest. Act on alarms and deter trespassers with pre-recorded or live audio, or by assigning security patrols or police. With Axis solutions, all this can be handled from a remote location, anywhere, anytime, while best practice cybersecurity protocols protect your system from hackers.


The main operational tasks of access control are to identify, authenticate and authorize persons for entry. This can be done with automatic authentication (key cards, PIN codes, QR codes, etc.) or manually (using network video and/or two-way audio). Our solutions provide control on several levels, across multiple sites, from a single, remote location. The result is a highly efficient way to monitor the wellbeing of everyone on your buildings – especially those in the most critical, sensitive or vulnerable areas.


Server rooms

With Axis, access control does not end at the front door. You can assign individual clearance levels to everyone in your organization, so they only have access to specific rooms. Multi-factor authentication tightens security further: you can incorporate fingerprint scans or QR codes on mobile devices, for example. Cameras in server rooms can use motion sensors to ensure that you do not waste time and digital storage recording empty rooms.

Server racks

Alarms and alerts help to secure the heart of your data centers. You can use alerts to notify you if activity is detected at unexpected times, and if cabinet doors are left open for more than a set number of minutes. These steps protect your servers against both crime and carelessness from your employees. When you receive an alert, you can check video footage for verification, and even communicate via two-way loudspeakers with the anyone interfering with the server racks.

Improving efficiency in data center security

By centralizing data center surveillance, Axis delivers greater security with fewer resources. Our solutions do not require staff to be constantly viewing every video feed – alarms and alerts let you know when something unexpected happens at your sites. Cutting-edge video and audio analytics increase automation and reduce the need for manned patrols. Axis Device Manager lets you remotely check that your technology is functioning correctly and that all software is up to date –  this helps to maximize uptime and reduce cybersecurity risks. Our innovative compression technology lowers network bandwidth usage and reduces storage capacity needs.

Protecting data centers from perimeter to server rack

Axis IP video and audio helps guard your perimeter by combining video and thermal cameras with software that tracks intruders, detects drones, and issues alerts and alarms. Within your premises, access control systems can use facial recognition, smart phone technology, and video intercom to manage entry to buildings, rooms, and even individual server racks. You can also secure data centers against crime and carelessness by employees, by setting up alarms for unusual activity – for example when racks are opened without authorization, when rack doors are left open, or when racks are accessed at unexpected times.

Long-term cybersecurity

Data breaches often succeed by exploiting known vulnerabilities. Axis protects you from avoidable risks by continually hardening cybersecurity on our devices with firmware upgrades, updates, installations, and maintenance tests. Our network video and audio solutions offer encrypted communication, IP address filtering, secure boot, and signed firmware to take cybersecurity to an even higher level. Find out more the Axis approach to cybersecurity here.