Perimeter protection

Perimeter protection

Safeguarding property, facilities and critical infrastructure

No matter what perimeter you wish to protect, you deserve a reliable security solution you can trust around the clock, and in any weather and light conditions. A perimeter protection solution detects potential and real intrusion threats, and allows you to take quick action when something really happens.

Our thermal cameras visualize the heat radiating from objects, enabling them to “see” in total darkness. They can also be set to automatically alert for moving persons or vehicles.

Automatic alerts and visual verification

Our perimeter protection solutions are based on thermal cameras with built-in video analytics software. They can “see” in complete darkness and provide automatic alerts when a person enters a pre-defined area within the camera’s field-of-view. This makes it possible to acknowledge suspect activity already before intrusion, and to visually verify what’s going on before taking relevant action.

The solution can easily be integrated with other IP cameras, flood lights, loudspeakers and existing security systems for optimal performance.


Axis solution for perimeter protection

Detect, verify, act - see how it works!

Perimeter Protection Course

Take our online course on exploring perimeter protection, and learn how to protect large-scale installations. We'll be taking a look at different detection scenarios, how to position cameras, as well as seeing how to use various design and configuration tools.

Three solution levels meeting various needs

Depending on your security requirements, you benefit from the following perimeter protection levels:

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