Axis Coverage Shapes for Microsoft® Visio®

Axis Coverage Shapes for Microsoft® Visio® is an easy-to-use library of camera shapes for Microsoft Visio that helps you plan your surveillance solution in 2D.

Import an existing drawing into Visio or use Visio’s drawing tools to create your floor plan. Then drag cameras from the Axis Coverage Shapes stencil into the drawing and immediately visualize camera coverage based on camera field of view and required resolution. To complete your system design, the Axis Coverage Shapes for Microsoft® Visio® provides a bill of materials that include all Axis products that are included in your design. You can also export the list of products and bring this into AXIS Site Designer for further design work. Your design can be saved and viewed in different formats to present your video surveillance solutions to customers and professionals in engaging format.

To get started, download the Axis Coverage Shapes zip archive, which includes Axis Coverage Shapes for Axis products, demo drawings, and a user’s guide.

You may also be interested in Axis camera extension for Trimble® SketchUp®

Axis Camera Extension is a free tool for Trimble SketchUp that provides 3D CAD camera models with interactive functionality to visualize the camera’s coverage in your SketchUp model.

The Axis Camera View function lets you view your SketchUp model as seen through the Axis camera and the extension also gives access to a broad selection of Axis mounting accessories.

Download Axis Coverage Shapes for Microsoft® Visio®



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