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Smart security solutions protect your business. No matter what

With an Axis end-to-end security solution, you can rest easy. Whether your business is very small or quite a bit larger, you’re well protected against intruders, break-ins, vandalism and anything else coming at you.

End-to-end means you buy a complete security system tailored to your specific needs, all from Axis. From the  VMS to all  connected devices from Axis large porfolio. That could include a single video camera watching over your entrance. Or a hundred cameras and other networked security devices – all watching over your premises, day and night.

When your business grows, so should your security solution

Do you need cameras only, or a combination of cameras and other security devices? And what if your needs change? Our end-to-end solutions can easily be adapted to your growing business and changing needs. This means you can start out with a basic system and just a few cameras/devices. And then seamlessly add more of them as you go – whenever you need them.

Smart surveillance starts here

Looking for a smarter way to manage your video surveillance? Axis video management software features intuitive user interfaces that make it easy. Just drag and drop to customize your interface  with live views, maps, website display and more. 

You can receive notifications on your mobile app or computer. And it’s simple to add action keys to help you operate the system and take action when you need to. Simply put, Axis video management software gives you effortless control from anywhere.

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AXIS Companion

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AXIS Camera Station

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