ACAP version 4.12 is released and is compatible with AXIS OS 11.8.

We've also introduced version 1.5.0 of manifest.json with new features. You can find more details about these additions in the release notes.

Here are the new additions:

  • ACAP application web content access policy: You can now set who can access the ACAP application web content. In the manifest file, you can specify the access level as either "admin", "viewer", or "operator".
  • D-Bus interface method matching: You can now end strings in "requiredMethods" and "conditionalMethods" under "dbus" with ".*", allowing them to match all methods of a D-Bus interface.
  • Allow dash ("-") character in secondary groups of "linux" resources.
  • Reverse proxy configuration support.

For the complete set of code examples, visit our GitHub organization where the ACAP examples are pinned at the top of the page. If you have questions or bug reports related to the examples, please report them in the issue tracker for the specific repository.