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Advanced video technology for an intelligent and secure company perimeter defence system: STT and Axis for System Truck.

Organization: S.T. System Truck S.p.A
Location: Roverbella (MN), Italy
Customer need: Intrusion Protection, Remote monitoring
Roverbella (MN), Italy, 

An integrated end-to-end video-surveillance and advanced video analysis system to combat false alarms and reduce video surveillance costs.


System Truck, one of the leading companies in Europe in the conversion of industrial vehicles, needed a reliable video-surveillance and perimeter defence system to monitor its 15,000-m² production plant in Roverbella, Italy. The previous traditional company protection system based on infra-red barriers had proven inefficient as it created numerous false alarms and was unable to properly protect the entire company perimeter.

In order to ensure it had a reliable and complete perimeter defense system that was suited to its needs, System Truck contacted STT (Servizi Telematici Telefonici), an Italian system integration company with more than thirty years’ experience in the field of IT&TLC , and Axis, with its high-quality and high-performance solutions.

We placed our trust in the solutions proposed by Axis and we have been rewarded with the benefits that we hoped to obtain. The end-to-end solution tailor-made for our company has allowed us to create a high-performance video-surveillance and anti-intrusion system that responds to all our requirements, leading to a significant reduction in the number of false alarms and a consequential reduction in relative costs. The system set up with thermal cameras and radar is an efficient response to the defence requirements of our plant. We are very satisfied with our collaboration with Axis.
Elena Martini
Marketing System Truck S.p.A.


The designing and setting out of an integrated perimeter defence system requires extensive skill and attention. Only intelligent and highly technological video surveillance defence systems that are integrated and capable of communicating with one another can allow the real-time detection of possible intrusion attempts, even in “extreme” conditions such as poor visibility or total darkness, the activation of alarms in order to keep personnel quickly informed and the playing of pre-recorded warnings in order to discourage would-be intruders.

This is why System Truck, with the support of the studies carried out by STT, decided that the best perimeter defence system for their specific case was the AXIS Perimeter Defender platform. This end-to-end solution, tailor-made for the client, integrates Axis’s high-added-value solutions such as thermal cameras, which ensure high levels of performance even at considerable distances, and AXIS D2050-VE Network Radar with PTZ auto-tracking and advanced video analysis based on intelligent algorithms, guaranteeing extensive coverage (up to 50 meters).

The solution also includes AXIS Q6125-LE PTZ Network Camera with 30x optical zoom and 150 m integrated IR guaranteeing exceptional viewing and performance even in low-lighting conditions, equipment that works seamlessly with the AXIS Perimeter Defender system. From a software point of view, AXIS Camera Station video management software was adopted, which allows highly efficient video management and perfect connection to all the other Axis functions and devices used.

Designing a mixed system for the client with highly technological and high-performance Axis equipment allowed the problem of the numerous false alarms that were regularly generated was immediately addressed and resolved. The company benefited in many ways from the installation of this new integrated video-surveillance system, gaining increased precision in control, a view of the current situation in a determined area, as well as significant savings.
Anna Parolini
Marketing & Communications STT Servizi Telematici Telefonici Srl
System Truck Schematic Perimeter


The adoption of this fully integrated mixed-protection system created by Axis has provided a number of benefits, improving the efficiency of the protection system. In particular the new company perimeter monitoring system has provided System Truck with an immediate advantage through a significant reduction in false alarms.

Thanks to the real-time notification system for suspected intrusions, it is in fact possible to achieve very high levels of precision in the detection and visualisation of all actions that take place in a determined area of the company perimeter without the need for the on-site presence of security staff, with consequential savings in terms of time and money. The project has also resulted in advantages in terms of competitiveness and business for system integrator STT, which can now demonstrate its consolidated experience in the field of video surveillance, unified collaboration, cabling, networking and security, and which thanks to this successful experience has had the opportunity to approach new experiences in the sector of physical security

Thanks to the reliability of its partner STT, which recommended a personalised Axis system, System Truck was provided with an answer to its needs for protection and an improvement in efficiency for the entire video surveillance system. By adopting a technological system that is characterized by all-day every-day durability, reliability and precision, System Truck has fulfilled its requirements by relying on professionalism and specialized skills.

“The project set up for System Truck together with the partner STT has allowed for the implementation of an innovative solution through integration and interaction between the different video surveillance devices used, the alarm-management system and the use of radar for a number of critical areas that could not be covered by thermal video cameras. The entire system functions in an intelligent and smart manner via a virtual operator that controls and manages any alarms. 

System Truck Schematic Perimeter

This in a full Axis end-to-end solution, from the video cameras to the sensors and the VMS platform, all tailor made according to the client and its specific requirements. A true ‘success story’ in the physical video surveillance sector,” stated Pierluigi Marana, KAM North East Italy. Innovation, customization and integrability are the cornerstones of the successful collaboration between Axis, STT and the company System Truck, which has finally managed to resolve the majority of its problems regarding perimeter defense for its production plant.

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