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Organization: Ivanhoe Grammar School
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Customer need: Health, safety and environment (HSE)
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 

Ivanhoe Grammar School employs the expansive visual coverage enabled by Axis panoramic network cameras to capture the full breadth of its new Sports & Aquatic Centre’s pool environment to ensure student safety throughout the facility.

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Opening a dedicated sports and aquatic centre

As a provider of quality education to more than 2,200 children across three campuses in greater Melbourne, Ivanhoe Grammar possesses a duty of care and responsibility to its students and their families.

The school takes a proactive approach to student, faculty and visitor safety by employing digital infrastructure that includes a fleet of Axis Communications network cameras and intercoms, providing access control and active incident detection and deterrence throughout the school’s public spaces.

Just having the cameras and the intercom system is a proactive approach to campus security for staff, students and visitors, I guess it’s about maintaining the campus security, keeping the campus locked down as practicably as possible, and using this technology to help us with those goals.
Winston Mattson
Director, Systems and Infrastructure, Ivanhoe Grammar
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Integration to identify potential incidents

According to Mattson, the Axis network camera fleet easily integrates with Ivanhoe Grammar’s Milestone Systems video management platform and video analytics software from Icetana to identify unusual changes in behavioural patterns, flagging potential incidents captured with the Axis camera network.

This capability gives the school the ability to identify and respond to potential incidents in real-time, rather than waiting until after an incident occurs before finding the appropriate footage to review for incident investigation.

We’re continually updating and expanding to cover more areas of the campus. And we’ve still, by no means, got complete coverage. But we do aim, as a bare minimum, to cover all the entry and exit points, and work from there.
Winston Mattson
Director, Systems and Infrastructure, Ivanhoe Grammar
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A sharp focus on safety and security

Ivanhoe Grammar’s decision to take on high resolution Axis network cameras has given the school the ability to not only investigate incidents on-campus in detail, even across large open spaces, it has also meant the school can assist law enforcement in its investigations of incidents that occur on public streets beyond the perimeter of the school’s grounds.

For example, AXIS P38 Panoramic Camera Series offers 180-degree coverage with 13 megapixel resolution. With a maximum video resolution of 5120 x 2560 pixels and a maximum of 30 frames per second, the camera offers Ivanhoe Grammar broad visibility with detailed imagery.

We take the privacy of our cameras very seriously, and we restrict who can look at the footage. Not just anybody can come through to look at the footage. It’s got to go through a process. And of course, if we need to use the footage or have to hold onto it for evidence purposes for the police, for example, only authorised people can request the footage, because we’ve got to maintain privacy.
Winston Mattson
Director, Systems and Infrastructure, Ivanhoe Grammar

A sustainable approach to student wellbeing

Ivanhoe Grammar has also made use of the integration capabilities of Axis’ intercom technology, linking its Axis network intercom footprint with its existing Cisco IP phone system, avoiding the requirement for a separate end-to-end intercom system.

This integration enables authorised staff in various departments, such as the catering team, to closely control all access points throughout the school, in turn maintaining campus security and keeping the sites locked down as practicably as possible to ensure student, staff and visitor safety. 

What I like about the Axis technology is the ability to integrate with third party products, such as Cisco and Icetana, the latter of which provides artificial intelligence. This capability enables the proactive use of the cameras rather than just being reactive, always going back to look at the camera footage after something happens, searching through hours of footage to find an event.”
Winston Mattson
Director, Systems and Infrastructure, Ivanhoe Grammar

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