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NS BlueScope Vietnam Limited zooms in on production lines, improves quality control with high-speed cameras

Organization: NS BlueScope Vietnam Limited
Location: Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam
Customer need: Operational efficiency, Process monitoring
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam, 

A steel manufacturing giant uses high-speed cameras and surveillance to perform quality checks, while keeping production moving rapidly.

NS Bluescope VN inspection


NS BlueScope Vietnam Limited is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of painted and coated steel products, and provide vital components for buildings, structures, vehicles, and more. The organisation has an international presence with operations spread across North America, Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, and Asia.

Inside NS BlueScope Vietnam Limited’s factories, the steel production process is highly automated and optimised to run at peak efficiency. Their steel production belts, for instance, operate at a rapid pace that drives production to optimal levels.

While this is excellent for productivity, this speed also poses a problem because operators cannot visually monitor the quality of the steel being produced, without slowing down or stopping production.

What NS BlueScope Vietnam Limited needed was a way for operators to visually monitor the quality of the production line, while keeping production up and running at all times.


With this in mind, BNS BlueScope Vietnam Limited implemented an intelligent surveillance system that has been integrated with their critical operations. The company installed 32 units of AXIS Q1645 high-speed cameras to monitor steel production lines, and 32 core licences of AXIS Camera Station for recording and playing back everything that is happening on these production belts.

For NS BlueScope Vietnam Limited, selecting Axis as a solution partner was a straightforward choice. The organisation has relied on Axis’ cameras for surveillance, as well as health and safety purposes, since 2012 – and trusts the quality and performance of Axis cameras, and the ease of use that the company’s surveillance systems deliver.

To NS BlueScope Vietnam Limited, it was important that their chosen solution was reliable, easy to use, and easily integrate into their existing infrastructure – and the AXIS Q1645 camera and AXIS Camera Station checked all the right boxes.

Since the implementation of AXIS Q1645 and AXIS Camera Station, our quality control processes have improved. Operators can now monitor equipment and production more easily, and importantly, more safely, too.
Mr. Le Dang Thang
Senior Instrument and Control System Engineer, NS BlueScope Vietnam Limited


The implementation of these solutions was handled by Axis partner, One Telecommunications Co, Ltd., who provided NS BlueScope Vietnam Limited with a demo, technical advice, installation and finely tuned adjustments to ensure the solutions work precisely as required.

Taking a close look at the solutions implemented, the AXIS Q1645 is a high-speed camera that is capable of capturing 120 frames per second (fps) footage – making it ideal for recording what’s happening on fast-moving production belts. Operators can monitor every aspect of the production process closely, and with the ability to playback video clearly in slow motion, they can perform all necessary visual inspections – including those that cannot be done in real-time.

NS Bluescope VN Quality Control

Also, because the steel components being produced are very hot, NS BlueScope Vietnam Limited needed cameras that could be mounted away from the production belt, but zoom in to see the production line with crystal clarity. Thanks to the AXIS Q1645’s remote zoom and remote focus features, this requirement is also met. As for video clarity, the camera’s sharp 1920x1080 capture resolution means that even when zoomed in, all components on the production belt can be viewed and inspected clearly and confidently.

Mr. Le Dang Thang, Senior Instrument and Control System Engineer at NS BlueScope Vietnam Limited, shares how the Axis solutions have delivered on expectations, “Since the implementation of AXIS Q1645 and AXIS Camera Station, our quality control processes have improved. Operators can now monitor equipment and production more easily, and importantly, more safely too.”

NS Bluescope VN Axis Camera Station

He adds, “With this increased visibility of what’s going on, line supervisors can make effective decisions after reviewing footage in the control room, without having to interrupt or hold up production. This means a faster response times, a more efficient production process and more uptime, which leads to increased profitability.

As with any production line, production issues still do come up. But when they do, troubleshooting and fault-finding processes are a lot speedier than before – with the team being able to review the high-speed footage on AXIS Camera Station, slowing down the footage wherever and whenever necessary, and spotting issues with precision.

As a bonus, NS BlueScope Vietnam Limited has found it relatively simple to get their Quality Assurance team up to speed with the new system. This is a result of AXIS Camera Station’s powerful, yet intuitive interface that makes video monitoring and incident handling a breeze. In the past, managing incidents was a tiring and time-intensive process, whereas now, it only takes seconds to quickly export high-definition video evidence for study and use in further improving processes.

A better way to maintain quality

Since the new cameras and camera station were installed, NS BlueScope Vietnam Limited’s inspection and quality control process has improved significantly, delighting their Vice President of Manufacturing, Mr. Bang Nguyen. He explains, “Previously, our operators would sit next to production lines and visually inspect every product coming through, which was a strenuous and less than precise process. Now, they can monitor everything from their operation desks. Also, should an issue come up, operators can easily review what happened and make adjustments accordingly.”

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