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Café Coffee Day enhances customer experience with Axis network surveillance cameras.

Organization: Café Coffee Day (part of Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company
Location: Bangalore, India
Customer need: Operational efficiency, Remote monitoring, Personal safety, Customer experience
Bangalore, India, 

Installation cuts down on manual intelligence visits and enables Café Coffee Day (CCD) to service customers better.


The management of Café Coffee Day (CCD) was looking for a surveillance system that would help them in multilocation remote monitoring, staff management and store management, all from a central location. Further, CCD required that the cameras have aesthetic appeal and blend in with the Café’s interiors to maintain the décor of the stores.

Being the leading coffee retail chain in the country, CCD places considerable emphasis on ensuring customers’ comfort and privacy. So, the surveillance systems had to be implemented in a way that didn’t compromise the customers’ experience.


CCD has deployed a surveillance system at 500 Cafes in the first phase of installation, with an average of two cameras per outlet. AXIS M3011, AXIS M3004-V and AXIS M3203 Network Cameras have been deployed in the dispensing and the billing counters for monitoring.

These cameras are specifically designed for Café’/restaurant business as these are high definition vandalproof cameras with edge storage best suited for this purpose. The next phase of installation is ongoing and CCD plans to install cameras in outlets across India.


The installation has been successful and enabled CCD to centrally monitor all the stores, especially to ensure consistent customer service across locations. Real time monitoring has reduced the need for senior authorities to travel to remote locations to monitor the stores. This has led to reduced costs and dependency on manual monitoring.

Café Coffee Day is a leading coffee retail chain, started in 1996 with an outlet at Brigade Road, Bangalore. It is a part of the Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company, the largest integrated coffee company in India. The stores are known for their relaxing environment and draw a variety of patrons ranging from students to corporate businessmen conducting meetings.

Our objective was to implement a surveillance system that goes beyond ensuring security and actually serves as a tool to enhance the overall operational efficiency. With 24/7 surveillance, the top level management will have a window into all the locations at all times, irrespective of their physical location and this will enable us to enrich our overall customer experience.
Venkatesh Babu S, Head-MIS, Café Coffee Day.

The Café has many outlets on highways and other remote locations, catering to travelers. The primary objective of the surveillance system was to enable the management team to keep an eye on these remote stores to analyze and monitor customer service. The management wanted to keep track of the business generated and stock movement in each store.

Each Café had 2 cameras – one to monitor the service area and the other for the billing counter. AXIS M3011, AXIS M3004-V and AXIS M3203 Network Dome Cameras were chosen since they are vandal-proof and provide superior video quality.

The benefits provided by this installation include:

Business intelligence: Gathering business intelligence about each store including employee behavior, level of customer service offered and the areas where the employees need training, consumer behavior and time graphs related to consumer walk-ins.

Central monitoring: With the Axis installation, the senior management has now been able to monitor remote stores real time from a central location, over the internet. The cameras enable effective and real time monitoring by providing vivid details enabling the authorities to monitor each order being dispensed. The video that is recorded is compressed and shared over the internet with the authorities.

Cost-effective: The installation helps in monitoring stores even in remote locations, thereby reducing the travel cost incurred from the management team needing to monitor stores in person.

Outside of Cafe coffe day, purple and red signs and white fence in front.

Edge-based storage: Since there are a substantial number of outlets in the highways and remote locations, where connectivity is very low, there are chances of authorities not being able to monitor the stores due to lack of footage. In such a scenario and in case of connectivity fail-over, the Axis solution can record the video footage which can be retrieved later for perusal.

Effortless scalability: Café Coffee Day adds on about 20-25 stores in India every month, therefore the solution offered has to be easily scalable. Axis solution enables the stores to install more cameras in existing and new stores without having to change the network infrastructure, at minimal cost.

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