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Kuruma Sport updates its audio system with an IP solution from Axis.

Organization: Kuruma Sport
Location: Madrid, Spain
Customer need: Customer experience
Madrid, Spain, 

A smart, flexible and scalable solution.


Backed by over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, Kuruma Sport is one of the leading car dealers and garages for the Toyota brand in Madrid and, through the Lexus Madrid brand, which is also the Lexus division of Toyota España. The company sought to improve the audio service at its 9 centers, migrating from an analog solution to a centralized digital one while protecting initial investment.


Kuruma Sport installed AXIS C8033 Network Audio Bridge (4 units), which leverages the existing installation and, together with new smart AXIS C2005 Network Ceiling Speakers (26 units in total) and 12 AXIS C1004-E, have enabled Kuruma to set up a background music system that plays the music playlists the company wants in its spaces, as well as in-store announcements, and all through the company’s own data network. In each center, music is received via the audio bridge and is sent to the various different existing speakers and is played through all the speakers or through specific ones, at the appropriate volume at all times.


Kuruma Sport and Lexus Madrid are delighted with the new Axis network audio system, as it provides dealers with a solution with several different uses, ranging from background music to alarms, pre-recorded messages or live messages, while helping to improve security on the premises thanks to built-in microphones in the speakers that allow adjustments to volume and, in connection with Axis cameras, can transmit messages when movement is detected in a specific area. Axis audio solution is simple to manage and control from the company’s central services. Its flexibility creates a homogenous audio experience at all dealers and garages, helping to enhance brand image and customer experience.

The new Axis audio solution has saved us between 80% and 90% in costs. Not just in background music licenses but also in leveraging our intranet.
Diego Bernárdez
General Deputy Manager at Kuruma Sport.

Customer experience as a key element for business

Background music is very important as it affects how customers perceive and value a store or business. The stimuli and sensations that it evokes are key to feeling comfortable and relaxed, promoting a positive reaction to the company’s offering. Kuruma Sport was very clear that it was essential to create a pleasant musical and homogeneous atmosphere at its Toyota and Lexus dealers to promote business.

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The IT team at Kuruma Sport decided to update the existing audio analog system to IP installed in 3 of its Toyota and 6 Lexus car dealers, with the help of the Axis innovative solution. Each of the company’s dealers held an independent musical service contract with analog installation, integrated by a decoder, amplifier, hi-fi equipment and speakers with cabling. Music was downloaded the night before at each dealer, and staff at the center decided what to listen to and at what time of the day, not following any specific criteria, other than the personal tastes of employees.

Another concern of the IT team at Kuruma was how to continue using devices installed at the dealers, without having to invest fully again. The Kuruma IT team decided to migrate, assisted by Axis, from the existing analog solution to a new IP solution, integrated by the new AXIS C8033 Network Audio Bridge and smart AXIS C2005 Network Ceiling Speakers.

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A smart, flexible and scalable solution

AXIS C2005 Network Ceiling Speakers are a flexible and scalable network speaker solution, which enables you to add or remove speakers immediately, manage them individually or in groups, create different areas and offer differentiated audio services in each area.

AXIS C2005 are an all-in-one IP network speaker system powered over a single PoE cable, delivering a high-quality sound that is preconfigured and ready for use, with no need for adjustments. Each AXIS C2005 unit includes an amplifier, mixed and digital signal processor, streaming functionality, microphone, power source and speaker.

Thanks to AXIS C8033, Kuruma has reused the previous installation of the amplifiers and audio devices at dealers, thereby avoiding unnecessary costs. Axis network audio systems are simple to install and integrate with other systems, as they are based on open standards. The high-quality audio systems are the ideal solution to provide background music, make live or scheduled announcements across the premises or in specific areas, at the right time and in the right place.

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A system that addresses many needs

“Thanks to Axis we have unified and homogenized the service and simplified management,” comments Diego Bernárdez, General Deputy Manager at Kuruma Sport. “Previously, we worked with a contract and music service for each center. Now we have a single contract and single content source, which we receive in our head offices and then distribute via our in data intranet. Now we can comply with the company’s policy on background music.”

The speakers have built-in microphones with background noise alert, enabling the volume to be adjusted automatically or in connection with AXIS M3024 LVE Network Cameras installed at the dealers to detect movement in a specific area (more than 15 units) and send personalized messages.

 “When a customer goes near a vehicle or to a specific place, thanks to Axis software, the movement sensor generates an IP message that is played in the appropriate speaker or speakers, like an announcement, while the other speakers continue playing background music,” comments Bernárdez. “This is a unique Axis solution. The new Axis audio solution has saved us between 80% and 90% in costs. Not just in background music licenses but also in leveraging our intranet,” Diego Bernárdez states.

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For Kuruma, the new solution offers an array of new opportunities and improvements that range from benefiting from a fully digital solution, to complying with the company’s music policy (which was impossible previously), unifying messages, enjoying the right volume of music to make customers feel comfortable in the dealer environment, making scheduled or unscheduled announcements, as well live voice messages, automating running, centralizing operations and simplifying management from any PC.

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