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Van der Valk Princeville is ready for the future with Axis IP cameras.

Organization: Van der Valk Princeville
Location: Breda, Netherlands
Customer need: Remote monitoring, Public safety, Operational efficiency
Breda, Netherlands, 

New solution provides improved efficiency for employees and a safe, secure environment for hotel guests.


Van der Valk Princeville wanted to extend their current camera pool. That is why the hotel commissioned Allinco to optimize the current camera network, which had previously been implemented in collaboration with Allinco, upgrading it to a modernized solution.


The old Van der Valk Princeville server had insufficient capacity to accommodate continued growth. But they did want to extend their network: Van der Valk Princeville wanted to add a number of IP cameras to their network to achieve surveillance at locations inside and outside the hotel that were not yet covered by the cameras. Moreover, a number of cameras had become outdated over the years and were up for replacement. Together with Axis Communications, Allinco designed a new, future-proof solution for the hotel.


The final solution for Van der Valk Princeville combines IT infrastructure with expertise in Axis network cameras and video management systems (VMS). The hotel now has a crystal-clear view at all the designated locations, resulting in improved efficiency for employees and an even safer, more secure situation for hotel guests. Now that these new solutions have been implemented, Van der Valk Princeville in Breda is ready for the future.

Hotel Princeville was increasingly noticing insufficient camera coverage. In practice, when a situation looked potentially odd, the security staff had to walk over to that specific location to assess the situation for themselves. Ideally, it should be possible to check from the control center at any given moment without having to leave their location. This lack of camera locations also had an impact on workplace efficiency.
Niels Verweij
Commercial Director at Allinco.

Van der Valk Princeville, a four-star hotel in Breda, is a popular place to stay, welcoming many guests every year. One category consists of business guests who visit the hotel during the day, while the other comprises overnight guests that spend one or more nights in the hotel. To provide these guests with an optimal experience, Van der Valk Princeville has been equipped with the best technological solutions. One of these solutions includes a network video system, facilitated by Allinco and Axis Communications.

Outgrown its original purpose

Over the years, a video network adapts and grows in response to changing needs. Where there was no need for cameras in certain spots at first, there is a need now. That does not necessarily have to be a problem, since a camera network is designed to be able to scale up. However, a video network can grow to such an extent that it needs an entirely new approach. That was the case at Van der Valk Princeville.

The hotel not only needed to add new cameras, but also to replace some of its current cameras. This was necessary because some of the cameras had become outdated, resulting in reduced image quality. The use of Axis network cameras equipped with the latest technologies – including HD and 4K resolution and license plate recognition – ensured that Van der Valk Princeville once again had full access to crystal-clear images.

Allinco was asked to contribute their thoughts about a new camera plan. It did not come as a surprise that Van der Valk Princeville consulted Allinco, since this IT specialist had been providing camera equipment to this hotel for many years. Allinco is also responsible for the IT infrastructure (the wired network) as well as the entire Wi-Fi network – a key feature for a hotel that hosts so many business events, but just as essential for overnight guests. 

Outdoor cameras on building exterior

In addition, Allinco is extremely familiar with the hospitality sector, and the company is used to implementing projects from installation to delivery, even within a fully operational environment. Throughout the project, Allinco worked in close collaboration with Axis, market leader in network video. In fact, Allinco works exclusively with Axis solutions, simply because the Swedish company delivers high-quality products. Because Allinco’s employees have received extensive training from Axis, they all have the right knowledge at their disposal.

New needs

Allinco started out by sitting down with Van der Valk Princeville to identify exactly where the bottlenecks were occurring. “Hotel Princeville was increasingly noticing insufficient camera coverage,” says Niels Verweij, Commercial Director at Allinco. “In practice, when a situation looked potentially odd, the security staff had to walk over to that specific location to assess the situation for themselves. Ideally, it should be possible to check from the control center at any given moment without having to leave their location. This lack of camera locations also had an impact on workplace efficiency.”

Pole cameras overlooking parking lot

Another problem Princeville encountered was that the parking lot of the hotel was often used as a carpool spot, requiring multiple camera positions to achieve effective surveillance. The reason is that the hotel is located right next to the A16 motorway between Rotterdam and Antwerp, making it a perfect location to meet with business relations, as many business patrons had discovered. “The challenge was in setting up a detailed infrastructure plan to ensure that all cameras could be operationally deployed in the right positions,” Verwey continues.

Since Allinco not only has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of camera surveillance, but is also an IT partner, the company managed to bring this project to a successful completion within a short time frame.

Secure data processing

Allinco came up with a new design for the camera plan. Thanks to their years of experience, it was easy to prepare an action plan that aligned seamlessly with Van der Valk Princeville’s preferences. The plan showed that some cameras needed to be replaced – but it was also clear that the hotel would need more data storage and a more powerful server.

“The increased workload was too much for the old server, making it preferable to acquire a new Milestone server,” Verweij explains. “This server ensures that all data is stored securely. The data remains available for a limited time, and it is easy to access and export during that period. That is very important for a hotel, of course, but it would not have been possible without a more powerful server.” Secure data storage is one of the areas Axis specializes in. That is especially important in the hospitality sector, Verweij emphasizes: “Milestone is very good at securely processing large quantities of data (including video). Especially given GDPR legislation, this is a crucial characteristic of a system; it simply needs to be done right.”

Remote control

The implementation of the new camera network certainly does not mark the end of the collaboration between Van der Valk Princeville and Allinco. In fact, Allinco will continue to monitor the hotel remotely, guaranteeing high network – both now and in the future. In the event of any problems, Allinco will be able to respond quickly to resolve the issue. Rapid response is a valuable service that reassures customers.

Woman in front of screen

Since the security network at Van der Valk Princeville has been tailored to its current preferences, and upgraded to incorporate the latest technological developments, the hotel can once again focus on its core business: providing the ultimate experience to its guests and making sure that they can enjoy a memorable stay in complete safety

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