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Greater trust with network cameras at luxury post-partum recovery center

Organization: KAI Pre- and Post-partum Care Centre
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Customer need: Remote monitoring, Patient care and experience
Singapore, Singapore, 

KAI Pre- and Post-partum Care Centre uses video for security, operational efficiency, and enhanced guest experience with real-time monitoring of newborns.


KAI, Singapore’s first luxury post-partum recovery center aims to help mothers who have recently given birth have a tranquil space for recovery. The first challenge was to give mothers peace of mind that their babies are being cared for while they rest. The next priority was the large facility area. Emphasizing the security and privacy of guests, there was a need for high-resolution footage in real-time monitoring. Lastly, data was required to track trends throughout operations to help optimize operational efficiency, adjusting procedures where needed.


With more than 50 cameras installed, cameras in each area serve a different purpose. Outdoor cameras function well in low-light conditions, indoor panoramic cameras are used for flexible security. The AXIS Camera Station mobile app is used as part of the overall guest experience where the nursery had a camera positioned above each cot.

This allows mothers to remotely view their babies easily at any time while resting. Functions of the AI powered 360° cameras extended flexibility needed to monitor the nursery and main lobby. Other cameras are used to monitor areas such as hallways, and outer regions of the property for better security.


KAI’s in-house services underscore the trust that both mothers and their babies are given the best care. Easy documenting and recalling of footage allowed KAI to improve operations and efficiency from incidents recorded as well.

They could now also monitor, track workload trends, and analyze data for operational improvements. The option to conduct remote training for staff through cameras and footage recorded proved to be essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lastly, mothers could rest and monitor their babies from the nursery using the mobile viewing app and share the feed with relatives living overseas, enriching the experience for all.

Keeping guests safe round the clock

Having sufficient staff to run the 24-hour facility is vital in the hospitality industry. However, with the 12-hour shift work required for most of the team, it was almost impossible to have everyone on site simultaneously. To address the challenge, they decided to use cameras and systems to optimize operations.

From the start, several features stood out to them. KAI found the user function of Axis solutions usable and accessible. This optimization includes the AXIS Camera Station S1148 Recorder, to deliver reliable high-definition surveillance with the AXIS Camera Station video management software pre-installed for seamless and reliable integration to all their Axis network cameras. KAI has since seen significant cost-saving benefits with the option of engaging an off-site security surveillance team.

Aside from the 360° overview, the panoramic cameras also have Lightfinder technology to deliver detailed and high-resolution full-color video with minimal motion blur even at night or in enclosed, dark areas with low lighting and dark conditions.

Balancing guests' well-being and service quality

“We have four kids, and during their upbringing, there have been many ups and downs. So, we know what has been good for us, and we also identified what is not so ideal. And with this, we recognize that there is a need to share some of these experiences to make this journey as beautiful as possible,” says Mr. Kwee, co-founder of KAI.

The KAI team’s main priority is the care and well-being of both the mothers and the babies. To alleviate the mother’s stress of looking after their baby, a separate nursery was built where the babies can be cared for by the nurses and monitored remotely by parents across different rooms and even by relatives living overseas.

“Our customers’ profiles are very mixed. Some have relatives overseas, and so the ability to allow them to access and see the baby is very emotional,” added Mr. Kwee. Building a camera system that could regularly monitor the nursery, with functionalities that are easy to use by both their staff and guests, was thus crucial and made the experience seamless and stress-free.

Kai Suites Babycam

Additionally, KAI understands that the small things count when it comes to their customers’ experience. Therefore, scrutinizing and reviewing even the most minor details in their service delivery was important.

Sufficient data and the quality of the footage recorded round the clock was crucial as well. Aside from good image quality, a reliable video management system that was easy to use with an intuitive interface for security staff to manage the system was essential.

Especially when handling incidents and quickly exporting high-definition evidence, making it easy for them to identify and document any incident on-site.

Canon has been a long-time partner of ours and in working with the Axis team, we saw the similarities between both in terms of business fundamentals and that’s how we knew that this partnership is going to go a long way. And in the future, Axis Communications would definitely be on the top of our mind for any of our new businesses.
Mr Kevin Kwee
Co-founder of KAI

Operations made easy with real-time monitoring

The easy documenting and recalling of footage have allowed KAI to monitor and improve their operations and efficiency from any incidents recorded.

Due to the nature of the business, they sometimes need to look at the small details to help identify what they want to see or do. “For example, the cameras in the nursery would be specifically monitoring processes, workflows, workload, efficiency, and so on. At the same time, cameras in the car park will monitor very different things, such as the guests’ return. So, all the way from the gate, we can see the guests coming in. We can stand by, open the door, prepare the team to welcome them back, and so forth. So, therefore, in terms of the functionality of the cameras, it has to be very robust.

It has to be very diversified, and it has to cater to the different needs and all that at this very high level of hospitality experience,” added Mr. Kwee. Thus, in this aspect, they have found the high-definition real-time streaming capabilities of the cameras to be impressive.

Kai Suites Kitchen

On top of troubleshooting incidents, it also allows them to establish a level of trust with their guests. As a result, they can give guests peace of mind while accessing footage from the AXIS Camera Station mobile app for remote monitoring. This was crucial during the pandemic with the in-crowd and visitation restrictions.

This implementation has facilitated the training process, for instance, training nurses regarding procedures for cleaning an infant. 

Elevating guest experience for new mothers

Kai Suites Pre and postpartum Care Centre (Kai) is Singapore's first confinement luxury facility that offers holistic, specialized pre- and postpartum care services to help mothers rest, heal, rejuvenate and support them in their journey of motherhood. As part of their full spectrum of maternity care ranging from prenatal and postnatal education to mother and baby care after birth, Axis solutions help Kai Suites through a range of applications to improve operations and efficiency, keeping the area safe at all times and even elevate their guests' experience through remote monitoring of their babies when in the nursery.

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