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Z Energy fuels its holistic security strategy with Axis

Organization: Z Energy
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Customer need: Loss prevention and theft, Remote monitoring, Public safety
Wellington, New Zealand, 

200+ fuel stations in New Zealand are now safer thanks to Axis high-definition IP.

Ensuring Nationwide Staff and Customer Safety

Founded in 2011, Z Energy operates over 200 fuel stations and 160 truck stops across New Zealand. Being a proud contributor to the New Zealand economy and community, sites, staff and customer safety, as well as asset protection and reliability, are top priorities for Z Energy. 

In 2018, Z Energy embarked on an ambitious $8 million nationwide overhaul of the security infrastructure at its 200+ sites across New Zealand. Previously installed surveillance systems were outdated and did not provide Z staff with the protection levels required nor sufficient image quality to identify people and vehicles should an incident occur.

To successfully implement the overhaul of its security strategy and enhance security across its sites, Z Energy needed a holistic, end-to-end approach to security. The primary objectives were clear: ensure staff and customer safety, protect assets and establish an end-to-end CCTV solution, including high-definition network video cameras that integrate seamlessly with intelligent Video Management Software (VMS) software.

“We take safety extremely seriously, which is why we wanted the best holistic surveillance system possible. That sends a powerful message to our staff, customers and any would-be criminals,” says Mark Forsyth, General Manager of Retail at Z Energy.

High-Definition Vigilance for Unmatched Protection

To successfully deliver the project on time and within budget, Focus Digital Security was chosen as their strategic partner to design and execute the solution which would transform Z Energy’s security strategy. Axis products were chosen for their high quality and seamless VMS compatibility in a competitive tender against ten other companies.

Z Energy, Focus Digital Security and Axis Communications collaborated to develop a solution designed to create a whole new customer experience and staff working environment at Z Energy’s fuel stations, including the ability for support office staff to remotely view any one or more, of the 200+ sites in real-time.

For the solution to deliver on its anticipated outcomes, it required surveillance technology that could achieve high-definition coverage of the forecourt, external areas of the Z buildings and retail spaces. A mixture of AXIS P Series network cameras is used to achieve high-definition coverage of the forecourt and external areas of the Z buildings. 

In addition, AXIS P Series and cost-effective AXIS M Series network dome cameras are installed within retail spaces to provide high-definition coverage of merchandise and transactional areas.

By employing at least 13 high-definition Axis network cameras at each fuel station, Z Energy now has access to crystal-clear footage of their forecourts, pumps, entrances and retail stores. This was deployed alongside a customised Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) solution by Focus Digital Security, and together, Z Energy staff and local police can now easily identify people and vehicles should an incident occur.

Z’s cutting-edge digital CCTV technology is making a huge difference on Z sites, particularly in preventing ‘drive-offs’ which cost Z around $1.5 million per year.
Mark Forsyth, Z Energy, General Manager of Retail.

Protecting Staff, Customers and Assets

Since the implementation of more than 2500 Axis network cameras deployed, Z Energy has created a whole new customer experience and staff working environment at their fuel stations, with staff and customers now secured by the highest level of protection. 

By acting both as a deterrent and monitoring system, Axis network camera solutions are helping the company to drastically reduce fuel theft and deter offending and theft on their retail sites. Incidents can now be easily identified, and assets are now better protected. 

The new technology has also helped Z Energy significantly reduce drive-offs (vehicles filling up with fuel without paying) thanks to a comprehensive security system linked to customised ANRP and POS integration solutions designed by Focus. 

To further build on the success of the project, Focus Digital Security worked in conjunction with Z Energy’s innovation team to successfully pilot “Fastlane”, a New Zealand first concept that allows customers to register their vehicle and credit card details to a smartphone app and purchase fuel via number plate recognition technology installed. Focus Digital Security actively collaborates with Z Energy to maximise its investment in Axis products, especially as new business intelligence and AXIS Camera Application Platform analytics are released.

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