Merani office bulding viewed from outside, made of brick and glass.
Commercial real estate

Comprehensive security.

Organization: Merani office building
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
Customer need: Access management, Intrusion Protection
Tbilisi, Georgia, 

Axis video surveillance system for Merani office building in Tbilisi.


The four-story multi-functional Merani office building is located in the capital of Georgia and embodies the offices of the leading global and Georgian companies, office space and dining area. A cafe and a playground are found downstairs by the two central entrances, while the top floor is dedicated for a parking lot. In order for its visitors and tenants to enjoy the refined hospitality and comfort Merani management decided to renovate the existing security system and replace the legacy analog cameras with the latest IP-based video surveillance system.


To upgrade the security system at Merani office building, 39 Axis IP cameras were installed and integrated with AXIS Camera Station video management software and the following applications: AXIS Perimeter Defender, access control system, license plate recognition system, and automatic voice announcement system.

Video cameras of different models are installed in the corridors and elevators, staircases and parking lot, as well as on the roof, and the inner and outer fire escape stairs.


With high-quality video records, Merani security staff can now monitor all the critical areas of the building, including entrances, elevators and staircases, as well as the building perimeter, quickly respond to any incident and carry out investigations. The system can automatically perform some of the functions. A space-saving network video encoder with a built-in PoE switch and 12 TB storage space is used to display the image on the screen and to create a video archive.

When the customer selects a new security system, his basic criteria are its quality and resilience. Axis cameras are good for both classic video surveillance and recognition. Apart from this, the customer showed interest in video analysis capabilities of Axis open platform that can be used to get any type of data when combined with the respective software.
David Sarkisov, sales manager at Integra.

Simple VMS installation and management

AXIS Camera Station S2024 Appliance representing all-in-one recorder with pre-installed AXIS Camera Station software is used in Merani office building to communicate with the video surveillance system thanks to integrated PoE switch, display live images on several screens, store and search video records in the archive. With this solution security administrator can quickly configure live view settings, control alarm signals and use PTZ auto-tracking to automatically follow suspects. AXIS Camera Station is easy to install and compatible with the whole range of Axis network video surveillance hardware.

Axis IP cameras (AXIS M2026-LE, AXIS M3106-L, AXIS P3915-R, AXIS Q6128-E 50HZ, AXIS P1425-LE Mk II) can be easily mounted on the wall or ceiling. Some of the cameras are supplied with a bracket or special low-profile mounts. All the cameras support Power over Ethernet and are powered via a local network, so there is no need for a separate power cable.

Individual solution for each location

Several useful security applications are integrated with two AXIS Camera Station S2024 Appliance within VMS AXIS Camera Station. For example, ACAP license plate recognition system based on License Plate Recognition technology developed by Czech company FF-Group is used at the parking lot for the mall employees.

A card reader with red cross denying access.

The system receives the data from AXIS P1425-LE Mk II Network Camera located opposite to the entrance and equipped with built-in OptimizedIR infra-red LEDs. This camera also supports Axis Lightfinder technology and WDR — Forensic Capture technologies providing highquality image even in low light or backlight conditions.

The program analyzes an image with a captured car, recognizes its license plate and makes a screenshot of this car. The recognized number is compared to the “white list”, then the system automatically grants or denies access to the parking and sends the respective signal to the boom gate.

Axis P1425-LE Mk II on a grey wall.

The second camera of the same model is mounted on the inner fire escape stairs of the building and is integrated with AXIS Perimeter Defender software. If any motion is detected in the area being monitored, the video camera sends a signal to AXIS C3003-E Network Horn Speaker that informs about the violation.

A combination of AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller + AXIS A4011-E Network Card Reader + AXIS A8105-E Network Video Door Station represents the access control system in elevators which limits the access to the parking lot. To exit an elevator at the parking level a visitor needs to enter a PIN number or to contact the security center of the mall via video intercom AXIS A8105-E. In the future, QR codes could be used.

Axis P3915-R Network Camera in a corner in the ceiling.

Video cameras installed in the corridors of Merani office building support Corridor Format developed by Axis to get the vertically-oriented video stream that is particularly efficient for video surveillance in the long and narrow areas.

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