Gendarmerie Royale du Maroc

Ensure the protection of the Royal Moroccan Police in Rabat.

Organization: Royal Moroccan Police
Location: Rabat, Morocco
Customer need: Public safety
Rabat, Morocco, 

Build trust to ensure public safety with more serenity.


The Royal Moroccan Police wanted to equip its officers with body cameras to establish a climate of trust and ease potential tensions during interventions. The main objective was to protect the policemen during the execution of critical missions. Ultimately, the equipment was also intended to serve as evidence to accredit the action of the policemen and facilitate collaboration with the judicial service.
Two main criteria were required. On the one hand, the solution had to record events in audio and video with precision and without interruption. On the other hand, the camera had to be easy to use with a minimum autonomy of 12 hours allowing the policemen to carry out their missions without having to worry about the load of the equipment.

Rack cameras-piétions Rack cameras-piétions


Today, several hundred of Axis Body Worn Cameras have been deployed within Morrocan Police, in order to provide one camera for each officer. To ensure rapid loading of the cameras and simultaneous downloading of the videos, docking stations with several bays are ensuring the smooth running of this installation. Axis has also supplied system controllers to enable videos to be sent securely to the Police local server. 
The solution also includes AXIS Camera Station as video management system for storing, viewing and exporting video footage to media players and for updating the Body Worn Cameras. Last but not least, Axis after-sales support has set up a dedicated hotline for the Police to handle any critical incident.


The project was very well received by the gendarmerie teams, who appreciated the quality of the equipment provided without having to worry about the autonomy of the Body Worn Cameras during their interventions.


"The recording quality is excellent ! The Body Worn Cameras and the software to process the recordings are intuitive to use, which makes our job easier."
Royal Moroccan Police

Supported by a solid partnership

Trakterm, North Africa's leading provider of solutions for law enforcement authorities and strong partner of Axis Communications, has presented the Axis Body Worn Cameras solution to the Royal Police.

"The solution was chosen for its durability and autonomy, enabling the policemen to carry out their missions comfortably without worrying about the state of their equipment," explains the Police of Rabat.

The involvement of Trakterm and Axis throughout the project has enabled us to offer a complete and flexible solution that perfectly meets the needs of the Royal Police.

The work of a police officer requires complete concentration during operations in the field. The Axis solution provides police officers with the reassurance they need to carry out their missions with complete peace of mind.
Adnane El Hanchi
Managing Director within Trakterm

Significant reduction in tensions during operations

Police teams are already seeing a significant reduction in undesirable behaviour thanks to this "digital witness".  Moreover, the officers can now carry out their work with greater confidence. 
Finally, post-intervention work is made easier thanks to the Axis cameras.  Officers view the images from the Body Worn Cameras rather than basing their work only on their notes, especially when finalising their incident reports and ensuring that the sequence of events matches the video.
The long-term aim will be to use video and audio recordings to accredit the actions of the police and facilitate collaboration with the legal authority.


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