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The advanced way to see in the dark

“Axis OptimizedIR is perfect when you want to detect, and identify in complete darkness in challenging circumstances. And you want to do it discreetly.“

What’s your challenge?
Surveillance in complete darkness.

Axis OptimizedIR – our most advanced IR solutions

Just as the name says, OptimizedIR is “optimized” for specific cameras and situations. For example, in our pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera with OptimizedIR, the IR beam automatically adapts becoming wider or narrower as the camera zooms in and out. So the entire field of view is always evenly illuminated. And the IR LEDs are placed exceptionally discreetly.

Another example is that in some cameras, the intensity of the integrated LEDs can be adjusted individually. This is useful for avoiding reflections when a camera is installed in a corner or close to a wall, for instance.

And we’re always working on new ways to make OptimizedIR even better.

Part of every OptimizedIR solution

While some features of OptimizedIR are tailored for specific cameras and circumstances, others are always pertinent: OptimizedIR is based on power-efficient LEDs with minimal heat dissipation. So they support PoE, with no additional cables needed. That same low heat generation also means durable, long-lasting LEDs. And the fact that illumination is concentrated where it’s needed, keeps power usage relatively low.