AXIS T94J01A Wall Mount

Robust design with cable protection

  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Impact resistant
  • Robust and safe


AXIS T94J01A Wall Mount is an aluminum mount suitable for Axis positioning cameras and positioning units. It is compatible with Axis ACI 3/4” conduit adapters, and offers six cable entries. Cables can be routed internally through the back or, by using a conduit connection, from each side or from the bottom. Use with optional accessories for mounting on poles or external corners.


AXIS ACI Conduit Cover A

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AXIS T95A64 Corner Bracket

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AXIS T94N01G Pole Mount

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Positioning units

AXIS T99A10 Positioning Unit 24 V AC/DC

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AXIS T99A11 Positioning Unit 24 V AC/DC

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