AXIS T91L61 Wall-and-Pole Mount

For quick wall and pole installations

  • Versatile connection with IDC connector
  • Built-in IP66 RJ45 connector
  • For wall and pole mounting
  • Protection against impact, water, dust, and corrosion

Versatile connection with RJ45 or IDC

AXIS T91L61 Wall-and-Pole Mount gives the installer a choice of using either RJ45 or  IDC (insulation-displacement contact) connector for the installation. It comes with a built-in cable with an Ethernet IP66 RJ45 connector, which facilitates the installation and prevents water and dust to enter the network camera.

RJ45 connection
IDC connection

Flexible installation

Thanks to its impact-resistant and outdoor proven material, AXIS T91L61 Wall-and-Pole Mount suits both indoor and outdoor environments. Flipping the mounting bracket makes it possible to turn AXIS T91L61 from a wall mount to a pole mount (AXIS Steel Straps TX30 are required). The mount is also suitable for corner mounting with an optional accessory.

Wall mounting
Pole mounting


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