AXIS T8344 Power on/off Plug

Wireless power on/off plug

  • Wireless I/O connectivity
  • Z-Wave Plus® compatibility
  • S2 security compliant
  • 1400 W power output

AXIS T8344 Power On/Off Plug enables remote on/off switching of lamps and other devices. By communicating wirelessly with AXIS M5065 PTZ Network Camera or connected Z-Wave Plus® controllers, the power on/off plug can be used in small security solutions with less cabling. Designed to act as a repeater, AXIS T8344 can increase the wireless range of the security solution by up to 100 m. It has two supported outlets: one controllable and one pass-through. The wireless I/O connectivity also enables flexible installation as the relay can easily be moved and adapted to your needs.

Cut the cords – with wireless I/O connectivity

AXIS T843 Wireless I/O Series together with AXIS M5065 Network Camera is the world’s first system that features wireless I/O connectivity with Z-Wave Plus® devices. This means that the camera can communicate with up to six devices in a system setup using on/off commands. If, for example, a door or a window is opened, the device can automatically alert the camera to change its preset position. Installation costs are kept down since no additional cabling is needed and the devices can be flexibly relocated.

Cost-effective and flexible installation

Wireless connectivity means you can add AXIS T834 series devices to your system without adding cabling. The devices are also easily synchronized with your system controller, such as the AXIS M5065 Network Camera, for example. So installation costs stay low, and with no cabling, it's easy to change your hardware set-up if needed.

S2 security standard and Axis quality

T834 Series uses encrypted Z-Wave S2 security and is S2-security compliant. All of the devices are tested and validated to meet the demands for reliable and secure surveillance.

Please note: This product is only for sale in North America.

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