AXIS FA54 Main Unit

High-performance multi-view surveillance with Forensic WDR

  • Full frame rate HDTV 1080ps streams from four sensor units
  • Forensic WDR
  • Quad view stream, Axis Zipstream and Corridor Format
  • HDMI output, two-way audio, four configurable input/output ports
  • Two microSD card slots

Cost-effective multi-view surveillance

AXIS FA54 Main Unit can connect to four highly discreet AXIS FA Sensor Units for the surveillance of four closely situated indoor areas. The main unit can serve as the basis for a complete video surveillance system—perfect for a small store, bank or office. Or it can be a complementary part of a bigger system where sensor units are required for highly discreet surveillance.

Feature rich

AXIS FA54 has a powerful processor that enables simultaneous streaming of full frame rate HDTV 1080p videos from all four sensor units.

It also supports the following:

  • Quad view for simultaneous streaming and viewing of four scenes, with each scene taking up a quarter of the display
  • Forensic WDR (wide dynamic range) for better image quality in difficult lighting conditions
  • Zipstream for savings in bandwidth and storage requirements
  • Analytics such as built-in ones like video motion detection, tampering alarm and audio detection, or optional ones based on AXIS Camera Application Platform (check compatibility on specific analytics websites). More demanding analytics will only be possible to run on one single channel and may affect the overall performance of the product e.g. framerate
  • Corridor Format for optimally covering vertically oriented areas such as aisles and corridors
  • HDMI support for connection to a surveillance or public view monitor (PVM), support for dual camera views with picture-in-picture (PiP) and for a playlist that enables surveillance video and still images (information/ads) to be shown on-screen
  • Two-way audio with dual inputs for microphones and an output port for a speaker
  • Four configurable input/output ports to external devices such as door locks and lights for handling alarm events
  • Two microSD card slots for local storage
  • Video management software: AXIS Companion (freely downloadable and includes a mobile app for remote viewing and management), AXIS Camera Station and third-party applications

Combined with attractive prices on the main and sensor units, an AXIS FA Series system delivers a total cost of ownership that feels like a bargain.

Keep it discreet – and flexible

Like all modular camera systems, AXIS FA Series is based on a divided network camera concept, where the camera is split into a sensor unit (made up of a lens and image sensor) and a main unit (the body of a camera). The units are connected by a cable, which is supplied with the sensor unit.

With AXIS FA Series, the main and sensor units are sold separately, so you can choose the most suitable sensor units for your application. Note that the main and sensor units in AXIS FA Series cannot be used in combination with the main and sensor units in AXIS F Series.

Superb video quality with Forensic WDR

AXIS FA54 Main Unit supports Axis Forensic WDR at all times. AXIS FA54 prioritizes the darker areas of a scene with high-contrast lighting, such as in a backlight scenario where you have a person standing in front of a very bright background. In such a scenario, a traditional camera with no support for wide dynamic range delivers a dark image of the person; with Forensic WDR in AXIS FA54, colors and details in the darker areas are more visible. The WDR technology in AXIS FA products is also optimized for motion, so there is no motion artifact when a fast-moving object passes by. In low light scenes, an AXIS FA Series system delivers excellent color video with low noise.

No WDR (left) vs. Forensic WDR (right): With Forensic WDR in AXIS FA Series, colors and details in the darker areas are more visible.

Keep total costs low

A system with AXIS FA54 Main Unit and four HDTV 1080p sensor units is often less costly than four standard HDTV 1080p cameras with similar functionalities. And with only one Ethernet cable for four sensor units, you can lower your requirement for network ports and save on the cost for a network switch. In addition, with one IP address, you may only need a single video management software (VMS) license for viewing video from four sensor units.

An AXIS FA Series system also provides savings in bandwidth and storage needs. Axis Zipstream technology, for instance, efficiently encodes H.264 video streams, reducing storage and bandwidth requirements by up to 50% or more while maintaining important details. Event-triggered recording using analytics also helps reduce bandwidth and storage use.

Jednotlivé softwarové komponenty nejsou kompatibilní se všemi produkty. Informace o kompatibilitě najdete v datových listech.

AXIS Companion

Nejsnáze použitelné řešení videodohledu na trhu, optimalizované pro malé systémy

AXIS Camera Station

Ideální řešení pro potřeby aktivního dohledu v instalacích střední velikosti

Zabezpečení jako služba

Kompletní nabídka cloudového dohledu a bezpečnostních služeb od partnerů společnosti Axis

Specializovaný software od partnerů společnosti Axis

Přizpůsobená a specializovaná řešení od partnerů společnosti Axis pro systémy všech velikostí a všech úrovní složitosti

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AXIS T90D25 W-LED Illuminator

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Power over Ethernet

AXIS T8127 60W Splitter 12/24V DC

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Network Switches

AXIS T8504-E Outdoor PoE Switch

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Power Supplies

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Media Converters

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AXIS Surveillance Card 64 GB

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AXIS Surveillance Card 128 GB

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AXIS Surveillance micro SDXC™ Card 256 GB

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Audio and I/O

AXIS T8351 Mk II Microphone 3.5 mm

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AXIS T8353A Microphone 3.5 mm

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Cables and connectors

Network Cable Coupler IP66

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AXIS Connector A 6-pin 2.5 Straight

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AXIS F7308 Cable Black 8 m

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Network cable coupler indoor slim

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AXIS RJ12 Plug Shielded

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Installation Tools

AXIS T8415 Wireless Installation Tool

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Firmware for other products

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