Network door stations

A natural part of your security

Axis Network Door Stations combine video surveillance, two-way communication and remote entry control in a single device. They’re ideal for installation at entrances where many known and unknown visitors pass through on a regular basis. Door stations can also be used as intercom help points or emergency phones within a larger area like a city, park, or university campus. With countless possibilities for integration, they’re powerful enablers of better overall security.

Convenient accessibility

Axis Door Stations offer secure, barrier-free entry. They let you to speak with your visitors face-to-face from remote locations and thanks to outstanding audio capabilities, you can be sure to hear the conversation clearly. They also include accessibility features for hearing impaired individuals. Plus, models with an integrated access control reader (RFID) allow for secure, hassle-free physical access to premises for employees and known visitors.

Enhance your security and safety

Designed to be placed near entrances and exits, or spread out over a larger area, Axis Door Stations help enhance your existing video surveillance systems to enable better overall security. You can clearly see who´s calling at eye-level, even in challenging light. Thanks to audio and video analytics, they can trigger audio warnings or recordings for instance when a visitor is approaching or if the sound of gunshots or aggression is detected. Plus, you can record hazardous events and send instant alerts in case of an emergency such as a break-in or fire.

Efficient integration

Axis Door Stations offer a smarter, more flexible alternative to traditional front desk receptions and eliminate the need for additional equipment around your entrances. They allow you to use a mobile app, IP phone or video management system (VMS) to open doors directly or remotely. They can easily be connected to and powered by your existing IP network so there’s no need for special cabling. Plus, with open interfaces there’s countless possibilities for integration so they can easily be combined with the different systems within your security solution to meet your specific needs.

2N, the global market leader in IP intercoms, is part of the Axis group. Axis sells and supports 2N products in USA & Canada.