Intelligent CS-mount lenses

Quick and easy setup with i-CS lenses

Intelligent CS-mount lenses

An i-CS lens is an intelligent CS-mount lens that allows for quick and easy installation. Thanks to information stored in the lens, the lens and camera can exchange information such as model type, manufacturer, geometrical distortion, focal length and F-number, and thereby optimizing the image quality.

The i-CS lens is equipped with three motors enabling automatic and remote control of generic features such as zoom, focus and iris opening. This makes it possible to use the lens for different purposes on different cameras. Furthermore, the i-CS lens enables smooth and easy adjustment of Barrel Distortion Correction (BDC) and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) on products supporting those functions. 

Zoom and focus adjustments on a network camera with i-CS lens

EIS adjustments on a network camera with i-CS lens

The i-CS lens facilitates quick, easy and time-saving installation, as zoom adjustment can be performed remotely and there is no need to manually adjust EIS and BDC. The intelligent lens can be used on all cameras with support for this kind of lens.

The new industry standard lens is the result of a joint development between Axis Communications and Japanese Computar®. The cameras use an open protocol freely available for other camera or lens manufacturers to benefit from.

Camera clip with an i-CS lens

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