Innovation that makes a difference.

You need reliable surveillance – even when the weather is bad and the lighting is difficult. Or when your network setup creates special requirements.

That’s why we keep on developing new network-video technology for protecting people and businesses under all kinds of circumstances. And why, whatever your challenge, we do our best to assure that your surveillance system will meet it. After all, we invented the world’s first network camera back in 1996, and we’ve been innovators in video surveillance ever since.

... protecting people and businesses under all kinds of circumstances.

So what’s your challenge?

Saving bandwidth and space without sacrificing valuable information.


Backlighting, and scenes with both bright and dark areas.

Forensic WDR

Capturing color images in low-light conditions.


Surveillance in completely dark environments.


Sharp recordings, in all directions and above the horizon.


Keeping false alarms to a minimum.


Reliable detection and verification, round-the-clock.

Thermal imaging

Protection from the inside out

Built-in cybersecurity features

Or maybe something else is creating a challenge for you?

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