The bases are loaded at the Little League Baseball® World Series

Long-term partnerships with Little League® International ensure athlete and spectator safety at the world’s premier youth sporting event

“Our town of 6,500 people booms to almost half a million over the course of this annual event. Making sure it is both fun for families, and safe for all who take part, is of utmost importance. We have every confidence in Axis Communications, Extreme Networks, Lenel and Milestone to help us achieve these goals. They are tested and proven systems,and each of these companies were chosen to protect the players and fans from around the world.” Jim Ferguson, Assistant Director of Risk Management, Little League International.


Every August, Little League® International brings close to 500,000 visitors to the small town of Williamsport, PA for the Little League Baseball® World Series (LLBWS). With a population of 6,500, providing ample security for athletes, visiting dignitaries and spectators could easily overwhelm the community’s resources. Even though the LLBWS hires auxiliary security personnel and receives support from volunteers, local, state and federal agencies, Little League International believes cutting-edge surveillance technology is an essential element of its total security program.


Each year the bases are loaded with an all-star team of solution providers integrating the newest Technologies for the highest-level of situational awareness. Extreme Networks supports wired and wireless connectivity across the complex for Lenel’s access control system and Axis surveillance solutions that operate through Milestone Systems’ XProtect® video management software. The day and night superior image quality of Axis network cameras enable the security team to improve incident responses with less equipment and maintenance costs. Axis thermal and radar technologies also add another layer of protection around the perimeter without disrupting the residential neighborhoods.


Little League International maintains top-notch security while delivering the ultimate LLBWS experience for athletes, families and fans alike. With these advanced solutions, the Little League International Complex transforms from a rural ball field into one of the safest sports venues. The team’s next home run will be integrating analytics for operational efficiencies and enhancements to theoverall LLBWS experience.

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