Windows Vista statement

This page describes how Windows Vista (32 bit) currently works with Axis Network Print Servers and software tools

The following print servers, running the latest available firmware, have been tested and found to work properly in Windows Vista (TCP/IP only):

Print ServerFirmwarePrint ServerFirmware
AXIS 59007.06 AXIS Office Basic (Dual port)7.10
AXIS 5600+ v37.10 AXIS Office Basic Parallel7.06
AXIS 5600+ v27.06.0 AXIS Office Basic USB7.06
AXIS 5600+ v17.03.0 AXIS Office Basic USB Wireless G9.02.32x
AXIS 560 v27.06 AXIS Office Basic USB Wireless6.11.21
AXIS 55007.06
AXIS 55507.10 AXIS 16502.02.1
AXIS 5570e7.10   
AXIS 5470e7.08.2
AXIS 5400+ v27.10
AXIS 5400+ v17.03.0
AXIS 540+ v27.06


Software Tools

The following software tools have been tested and found to work properly in Windows Vista:

  • AXIS AddPrinter (version 1.01 and above)
  • AXIS ThinWizard (version 3.05 and above)
  • AXIS CAPT Print Monitor (version and above)
  • AXIS ScanClient for AXIS 1650 (version 1.10 and above)
  • AXIS IP JumpStarter (version 1.20 and above)



  • FAQ - arp/ping description

  • Document servers are platform independent and will function with Windows Vista like any other OS. Scan-to-browser in Internet Explorer 7 works as well as earlier versions of IE. Any standard SMTP/FTP server with Windows Vista should work fine with the document servers, the same as other operating systems.