Upgrading the print server's firmware over FTP

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Obtaining the new firmware

You can obtain all print server firmware from the following locations:

Upgrading the firmware using FTP

The objective of this example is to upgrade an AXIS 5550 print server with firmware version 6.41 to firmware version 6.43. This example from Windows XP uses the following sample values:

  • Print server model: AXIS 5550
  • IP address of print server: 
  • File name of new firmware: 5550.bin 
  • Location of firmware and upgrade procedure: C:\Axis
    (Create a new directory named e.g. 'Axis' on your hard drive and download the firmware to that location).
  1. From www.axis.com/techsup/firmware, download the firmware and save it to a new directory on your computer, e.g. C:\ Axis

  2. Open a command prompt from Start => Run
    Type cmd in the Run Window and click OK.

  3. The DOS Command Prompt window will open. 
    Make sure you are working from the c: directory (type c: and press Enter).
  4. Type cd Axis
  5. Type dir and press Enter.
    The Axis directory you have created will list all files.
  6. Connect to the print server using ftp:
    Type ftp 
    (Example using print server IP address
  7. Enter the user and password: 
    Default user: root 
    Default password pass (your entry will not be visible) and press Enter.
  8. Change to binary transfer mode: type bin and press Enter.
  9. Type hash and press Enter.
  10. Use the 'put' command to upload the upgrade file to the flash location: 
    Type put 5550.bin FLASH. A stream of hash marks will appear.


You will receive a message stating "Transfer complete. Flash programming finished OK. "

The print server will restart in five seconds running the new software.
When you see a new ftp prompt the procedure has been successfully completed.