AXIS OfficeBasic Support

There are different versions of this product depending on the hardware platform. To determine which version you have, please check the product number located on the label on the print server.

AXIS OfficeBasic 0244-xxx-01 discontinued
AXIS OfficeBasic 0107-xxx-01 discontinued
AXIS OfficeBasic Parallel 0107-xxx-02 discontinued
AXIS OfficeBasic USB 0171-xxx-01 discontinued

Discontinued Product

This product is no longer supported, this information is for reference only.


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PDF document  AXIS OfficeBasic - User's guide (English, Deutch, Francais, Español, Italiano, Português-Brasil) 
(Manual, guide or instruction, 0.42 MB, English)
PDF document  AXIS OfficeBasic - User's manual 
(Manual, guide or instruction, 0.72 MB, English)