AXIS 1650 - Supported Printers

AXIS 1650 is specially designed for Canon printers and supports virtually all Canon printers. 
The following printers have been tested and verified with the AXIS 1650:
Laser Shot Printers: Print Scan Fax
LBP1210 x    
LBP1120 x    
LBP2900 x    
LBP3000 x    
LBP3200 x    
MFP Devices:      
FAX-L400/390 x    
iR2016/iR2020 x    
iR1210/1230/1270F x    
iR1510/1530/1570F x    
iR2018/2025/2030  x    
PC-D320/D340 x    
PC1210D /PC1230D x    
MF6560PL x x x
MF6540PL x x x
MF6530/6550 x x x
MF5730/5750/5770 x x x
MF5630/5650 x x x
MF4270 x x x
MF4120/4140/4150 x x x
MF4010/4012/4018 x x x
MF3220/3222/3228/3240 x x x
MF3110 x x x
PIXMA MP500 x x  
PIXMA MP760 x x  
PIXMA MP800 x x  
SmartBase MP390 x x