AXIS 1610/1611 Technical Notes and FAQs

Q: Why is the CAPT Print Monitor needed for Axis 1611?
A: CAPT printers have special requirements in terms of timing and event handling. This is why a specific CAPT Print Monitor must be installed to be able to perform network printing.
Q: Which TCP/UDP ports are used by AXIS 1610/1611?
A: The TCP and UDP-ports that are used are the following:
  • 21 FTP File Transfer Control
  • 67 TCP ports for DHCP and BOOTP 
  • 68 TCP ports for DHCP and BOOTP
  • 69 TCP port for TFTP
  • 80 HTTP port for EWS (Embedded Web Server)
  • 161 UDP port SNMP
  • 162 UDP port for sending SNMP traps
  • 427 UDP port for SLP (Service Location Protocol)
  • 10260 UDP port for WIMP
Q: What is WIMP?
A: WIMP is the protocol which AXIS 1610/1611 uses for Discovery, Status and Printing.
Q: How can I reduce the broadcast packet from the AXIS 1610/1611?
A: In the Printer Status Window for each client, configure the Monitor Device Status to the "Only while printing" option.
Q: Is it possible to print from MAC OS to AXIS 1610/1611?
A: No, AXIS 1610/1611 do not support MAC OS.
Q: Which printers are supported by the AXIS 1611?
  • Canon LBP-5200
  • Canon LBP-2410
Q: Which printers are supported by the AXIS 1610?
A: AXIS 1610 print server can be directly connected to any Canon CAPT printer with a parallel port. Below is a list of supported printers:
  • LBP-250
  • LBP-800/810
  • LBP-1110 
  • LBP-1210 
  • PC 1280/D780 (Japan) --- imageClass D780/D760/D761 (US) 
  • iR1310/1330/1370F (US) --- iR1210/1230/1270F (Europe) 
  • SmartBase PC1210D, PC1230D and PC1270D (Europe) 
  • iR 1610/1630/1670F (US) --- iR1510/1530/1570F (Europe)
Q: When I attempt to add a printer using Add Printer Wizard, and I try to add an "Axis CAPT Port" then I get the error message: "Specified port cannot be added. The request is not supported."
A: You probably tried to add the "Axis CAPT Port" via Windows Terminal Server client or a Remote Desktop Connection. The CAPT Port should be added on the server directly.
Q: I have installed a Canon LBP-2410 printer with an AXIS 1611 print server, I'm facing some problems printing from Windows Server 2003.
A: You may need an updated driver for the printer. Please contact your dealer or reseller for help.
Q: Windows XP SP2 firewall limitations on AXIS 1610/1611?
A: Depending the AXIS CAPT Print Monitor version, there are different ways to go:
  • For (i.e. 1.20.15), you have to manually open the UDP port 10260 in the Firewall Settings.
  • For, the UDP port 10260 will be opened automatically by the installation program if you accept it by the steps in the wizard. 
Q: What are the minimum system requirements for AXIS 1611 and Canon LBP-2410?
A: You need to have a PC with at least PIII 800MHz CPU, 128MB RAM or higher.
Q: Which versions of AXIS NetPilot can be used with AXIS 1610?
A: You need AXIS NetPilot 2.60 or higher.
Q: About 5 days after installation, the AXIS 1610/1611 will no longer respond to PING.
A: This happens only if you are using earlier versions of firmware 5.94 (AXIS 1610) and 5.93 (AXIS 1611), and the setting of the net mask is non-zero and the setting of the Def. router is zero ( 

To prevent this from happening, def router should have a non-zero value when the net mask is non-zero or the def router and the net mask should both be zero (". 

The problem is fixed in the firmware release 5.94 for AXIS 1610 and release 5.93 for AXIS 1611.

Q: Why can I not print a test-page using the test button on AXIS 1610?
A: It is not possible to print a test-page on a CAPT printer. 
The only way to print a test-page from AXIS 1610, is to connect it to a none CAPT (PCL) printer and press the test button for 5-10 seconds after it's powered on.
Q: Is NetWare supported by AXIS 1610/1611?
A: No, Novell NetWare is not supported by AXIS 1610/1611.
Q: Can I use LPR or Standard TCP/IP Port to print to AXIS 1610/1611?
A: No, AXIS 1610/1611 prints only via AXIS CAPT Port.
Q: Does Axis 1610/1611 support HP emulation and does it work with the HP utilities?
A: No, AXIS 1610/1611does not support HP emulation or work with the HP utilities.
Q: I get 'DEP error' when I try to print on Windows XP SP2, what should I do?
A: You must turn off Data Execution Prevention (DEP) for the specific program which causes the DEP error. Follow the instructions below to disable the DEP function for the program that concerns printing:
To turn Data Execution Prevention off for a program you must be logged on as administrator or member of the Administrators group in order to complete this procedure. If your computer is connected to a network, network policy settings might also prevent you from completing this procedure.
1. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click System, this will open the System Properties.
2. Click the Advanced tab and, under Performance, click Settings.
3. Click the Data Execution Prevention tab.
4. In the 'Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select' list, do one of the following:

To turn off DEP for a program, select the check box next to the program name and click OK.

If the name of the program doesn't appear in the list, click Add, navigate to your Program Files folder, select the program's executable file which will have an .exe file extension, and click OK.