X-Tail Cable

The explosion-protected and water-resistant cables (IP66/IP67/IP68) are available in different lengths. They are constructed from helically wound-galvanized steel with smooth, black TPE-V coating and the compound filled glands from nickel-plated brass. The cables are ATEX/IECEx/EAC approved for the installation of explosion-protected fixed and PTZ network cameras. The operating temperature ranges between -60 °C to 150 °C (-76 °F to 302 °F) (conduit only).

The black conduit is oil-resistant and designed to accommodate a CAT5 cable with five AWG22 wires of which three are dedicated for power (24 V AC), and the other two are for connecting XWP10 Pressurized Washer Tank via I/O port. The protected wires in the conduit are all of the highest quality and conform to European standards.


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GP2 CCTV Panel 1 PS 24 V

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