AXIS Camera Station S9101 Mk II Desktop Terminal

Compact client for server installations

  • Easy to install 
  • AXIS Camera Station software included
  • Validated hardware
  • Extensive support

AXIS Camera Station S9101 Mk II Desktop Terminal is a complement to Axis recorders to enable quick setup of a surveillance workstation. The terminal is preloaded with an AXIS Camera Station video management software client and preconfigured to minimize installation time. AXIS S9101 Mk II has validated hardware and software components for optimal surveillance experience and includes a 5-year warranty.

Out-of-the-box ready

AXIS S9101 Mk II is designed for quick installation. The workstation is preloaded with all necessary software including AXIS Camera Station video management software client to enable quick connection to the server. The integrated AXIS recorder toolbox features an intuitive wizard, making it easy to set up hostname, network settings, and date and time setting. It includes everything you need to keep your system updated and maintained, all from one centralized place. And, the latest software is available in just one click. AXIS S9101 Mk II supports four monitors for optimal overview.

Maximum reliability

AXIS S9101 Mk II is optimized to meet the demands for reliable high-definition surveillance. To further safeguard system uptime the package includes 5-year hardware warranty and standard replacement service. AXIS Camera Station S9101 Desktop Terminal Mk II is available as an option to complete server installations with, for example, AXIS S1132 and AXIS S1148.

All software isn't compatible with all products, please refer to the data sheets for compatibility information.

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