AXIS Perimeter Defender PTZ Autotracking

For automatic close-ups of detected objects

  • Syncs PTZ camera with fixed camera running AXIS Perimeter Defender

  • Enables automatic zoomed-in views of alarm objects

  • Edge-based application

AXIS Perimeter Defender PTZ Autotracking helps you get the details on intruders by enabling a PTZ camera to automatically zoom-in on and follow alarm objects. It’s available as an optional add-on application for use with AXIS Perimeter Defender analytics. When it’s installed on a PTZ camera, the application allows a fixed thermal or fixed visual camera running AXIS Perimeter Defender analytics to automatically steer the PTZ camera for close-up views of alarm objects in the fixed camera’s detection zone.

In sync

When a fixed camera is paired up with a PTZ camera, the fixed camera sends the location data of the detected alarm objects to the PTZ camera and thereby controls the direction and zoom level of the PTZ camera. The PTZ camera automatically adjusts the zoom level to keep in view all alarm objects, including new ones that appear in the fixed camera’s detection zone.

No compromise

With a PTZ and fixed camera pairing, you get the zoomed-in details you need without compromising detection coverage since the fixed camera maintains vigilance over its field of view. And there's no need to manually control the PTZ camera. A camera operator, however, can take manual control of the PTZ camera at any time; for instance, after the PTZ autotracking stops when objects move out of the fixed camera’s detection zone.

The autotracking functionality works only on specific Axis PTZ cameras (see list) and can only be used to pair up one fixed camera with one PTZ camera. Proper placement and mounting of the PTZ camera, as well as good calibration are key to the autotracking function.

Same installation program

You use the same installation program for uploading and setting up the PTZ autotracking application on a PTZ camera as you do for uploading and configuring AXIS Perimeter Defender analytics on a fixed thermal or visual camera.

Once the PTZ autotracking application is installed on a PTZ camera, no additional or costly central processing server is required since it is an edge-based application.

The Design Tool for AXIS Perimeter Defender, meanwhile, allows you to map out where and how a fixed and PTZ camera should be mounted for optimal detection coverage and PTZ autotracking.

How to buy

A license for AXIS Perimeter Defender PTZ Autotracking is required per PTZ camera. The license is sold separately from the license required for AXIS Perimeter Defender analytics application. The licenses can be activated through the license key registration page.

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The latest version of this software is 3.1.0
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