Hosted services

Secure your premises in an even easier way with video surveillance in the cloud. Axis partners can provide you with Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) . It’s ideal for smaller business looking for a trouble-free, efficient solution, or companies with multiple sites, such as chains of convenience stores

With a subscription-based surveillance service, you can reduce your upfront investment and prevent your solution from becoming outdated. And because everything is hosted in the cloud, you can easily upgrade your system with new features, applications and services to support your business.

Will it work for you?

Yes. All of our solutions are designed with open IP standards that mean they can easily connect with your existing IT equipment. They’re flexible and scalable, and will work out of the box with your network, routers, screens, computers, tablets and smartphones.

Hassle-free surveillance in the cloud

By adopting a hosted video solution, you don’t need any server or recording equipment on site – all you need is Axis cameras and an internet connection. All your video is uploaded to the cloud and stored by your Axis service provider. And they can manage everything for you. Mobile viewing apps allows you to easily access your sites even on the go.


AXIS Guardian

Introducing AXIS Guardian – a cloud-based surveillance service platform, tailored to the needs of security and alarm monitoring companies. The setup includes network video cameras and a variety of analytics and security devices, all watching over customer premises 24/7.

AXIS Guardian

Hosting providers solutions

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